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    Brand protection: Safeguarding revenue and reputation

    De La Rue track and trace over 10 billion products a year


    Brand Protection is a rapidly changing industry requiring responsive, original solutions that enable a brand to protect its reputation and products through engaging consumer experiences that increase interaction and inspire trust.

    This fast-moving landscape of change creates opportunities for illicit trade – counterfeit, diversion and the sale of substandard products. De La Rue provides layered brand protection solutions, which combine brand protection software and physical secure labels to create trust networks, to prevent counterfeit, fraud, and detect smuggling and diversion.

    Our solution 

    De La Rue has been a leading provider of brand protection solutions for over three decades, leveraging our expertise and proven track record in security sectors to address the unique challenges facing your brand.

    Through marking each individual product with a uniquely serialised, highly secure label, and by tracking that product to its destination market,  visibility of genuine and counterfeit product is built inside the Traceology® database for brand managers to analyse quickly and easily, informing exactly where the problems are via our digital track and trace product.

    “The Global Brand Counterfeiting Report mentions that brands that implement a comprehensive brand protection strategy combining physical and digital elements experience a reduction in counterfeiting incidents (5)

    Secure Labels


    De La Rue designs, originates and manufactures holographic labels and hot stamping foils. Holography remains a key element of any brand protection solution due to the versatility of effects. 

    Holograms provide quick authentication through immediate visual verification and additionally through the use of a smartphone application for secondary validation and added interaction with the end user. Our highly secure PURE™ and IZON® holographic labels engage users, enhance products and enforce brand and anti-piracy programs. De La Rue offers both embossed PURE™ and Lippmann IZON® holograms in a very wide range of label formats.

    Find out more about our Secure labels 

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    Digital track and trace


    Traceology® is a digital anti-counterfeit and anti-diversion platform that integrates with De La Rue’s high security labels to provide powerful product protection for Brand Owners and supply chain participants.

    Through the combination of supply chain integration, user-friendly mobile apps, big data storage and data analytics reporting, De La Rue’s Traceology® Suite seamlessly connects consumers, brand owners, manufacturers, 3rd party logistics providers and international brand investigators. Traceology’s® data aggregation collates and presents critical brand protection intelligence quickly and easily.

    Traceology® brand protection software proactively alerts on detected diversion and counterfeit incidences, drawing the focus of the Brand Manager to the right area at the right time.

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    Industry insight 

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