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    Our Purpose: Securing trust between people, businesses and governments
    Find out more about De La Rue’s responsible business agenda.

    A responsible business

    Our purpose reflects our long held belief that as a business we have a responsibility to operate in a way that improves the world around us: for our customers, our employees and the wider communities in which we work.  Our strategy encompasses clear commitments to lead our industry in sustainability, to protect and respect our people and to maintain the highest ethical and governance standards in the conduct of our business.



    Leading the industry on environmental sustainability. Find out more about how we are playing our part in the fight against climate change to help secure a sustainable future for everyone.

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    Treating everyone in an ethical and respectful way. Learn more about how we are fulfilling our commitment to create a culture of respect and inclusivity, look after our people, protect human rights and engage with our stakeholders.

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    Maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. Click below to find out more about the robust governance system we operate to maintain the trust of our stakeholders and uphold the standards they expect.

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