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    The definitive security thread for design personalisation.

    Highly secure colour-shifting and holographic materials are precisely crafted into interlinked imagery that enhances the theme of the banknote and increases public engagement.

    The images in the thread are easy to describe and see, then when tilted, a holographic rainbow runs up the thread as the colour-shifting element changes colour.

    Perfect for:

    • Environments where the threat of thread harvesting is particularly high
    • Mid and high denominations – a premium thread proven in billions of banknotes
    • A natural upgrade from STARCHROME®
    • Complements banknote series that also contain STARCHROME® and PUREIMAGE™
    • Proven in state printing works and commercial printers

    KINETIC STARCHROME® is available in two colours and a suite of holographic effects. The precise, intricate combination of two distinctly different secure effects generates a highly counterfeit resilient thread with extensive design possibilities.

    With the advanced KINETIC STARCHROME® PORTRAIT variant intricate images of people, figures, animals and themes can be incorporated into the thread.

    Case studies

    KINETIC STARCHROME® selected for the 200 Taka note

    On 17th March 2020 people in Bangladesh celebrated the birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who is often known as the Father of the Nation. To mark the occasion the Bangladesh Bank issued celebratory commemorative notes of the 100 Taka and 200 Taka denominations, printed in their state printing works. A KINETIC STARCHROME® thread was selected for the 200 Taka note and the logo of the central bank was designed into the thread. Congratulations to the Bangladesh Bank and Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd on the successful manufacture and launch of these beautiful notes. It was a privilege to provide KINETIC STARCHROME® for this occasion.

    Seychelles wildlife comes to live with KINETIC STARCHROME®

    The Central Bank of Seychelles was the first to issue banknotes containing KINETIC STARCHROME®, using this security thread for three of the banknotes in its latest series.  Seychelles’ Unique Biodiversity – the Backbone of our Economy, is the theme of the new series, with key endemic species portrayed on the front and back of the banknotes. KINETIC STARCHROME® was personalised to reflect the theme , incorporating the wildlife into the thread, as seen with the Cooper’s Black Caecilian and the Aldabra Banded Snail that forms the colour-shifting element of KINETIC STARCHROME® in the 100 Rupee banknotes. The Seychelles Tree Frog intertwine with the Seychelles Giant Millipede in the 50 Rupee banknotes and the Seychelles House Snake is incorporated with the Seychelles Killifish in the 25 Rupee banknotes

    Banknotes issued to embody Kenya's Big Five

    In 2019 the Central Bank of Kenya issued a new series of banknotes that embodied each of the big five; Nyati, chui, kifaru, simba and ndovu, with each denomination showing a different driver of a newly reborn and prosperous Kenya. KINETIC STARCHROME® was selected for the middle and higher denomination banknotes, with bespoke imagery and denominational values clearly designed into the thread. The new series had a strong “family” feel, with STARCHROME® colour-shifting thread selected for the lower two denominations. STARCHROME® and KINETIC STARCHROME® work well together in a series as they share the same secure colour-shifting technology. 

    Kinetic StarChrome Macedonia-2000-(2017)-Kinetic-StarChrome-back+front-light
    National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia 2000 Denar

    In 2016 the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia issued the 200 and 2000 Denar denominations into circulation. The 2000 Denar featured extra long windows and Kinetic StarChrome® security thread, providing a larger area for the holographic and colourshifting elements of this thread to be seen.

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