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    Working with you as your trusted advisor.
    We employ some of the world’s leading experts in security product design, optical effects and secure materials.

    Designing security is part art, part micro-engineering.

    Whether our multi-skilled team of designers and product engineers are creating a new tax stamp, brand protection label or secure document our aim is to deliver a product second to none.

    We use the design process to understand the needs of your users, stakeholders and the counterfeit threats your products will face every day. You are part of the team, our approach is always to engage, iterate and advise whatever your budget or requirement.

    Whether the design is to protect a brand reputation or government revenue it is part of a system, and we design with mobile and machine readability in mind always.

    Design services

    We think about design in three different ways:

    Use cases

    We work with you to understand how and where your product will be used. For example, for a label we would want to understand how, when and to what is it applied? Will it be read by machines and smartphones? How can we make is easy to verify and engaging to give confidence to your consumers?




    Aesthetics that engage

    Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Whether you are a tax authority or global brand, our designers will work with you to reflect your identity, values, heritage and aspirations.



    Technology that protects

    For De La Rue Authentication, design is more than just print. It is engineering a product through a combination of technologies such as holography, foils and anti-tamper materials to create a document or label that is of the highest integrity and security.



    Converting Design


    At the front line against counterfeit, holograms provide an incredible level of protection. They are also a fantastically flexible design medium, that can represent brands, national symbols or complex abstract effects that engage the user.

    De La Rue holography is a thing of beauty, intricately designed and carefully crafted to captivate your consumers from the very beginning. The intuitive, high-impact holographic effects create a moment of wonder that attracts and invites the end user to actively engage with the hologram, as they rotate the label or tilt it from side to side to discover hidden features.

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    Authentication labels must provide a means of quickly and easily verifying whether a product is genuine or not. However, while it is important for the label to stand out for ease of public authentication, it must also be easy to identify if the label has been tampered with. Voiding layers help to enhance a brand protection programme ensuring that there is an obvious tamper evident strategy for their labels.

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    Mobile inter-operability

    It is almost standard that modern security documents must be inter-operable with mobile devices. This is often used as a valuable tool for field agents and officers to quickly authenticate a product or document and enforce whether it is genuine. Mobile devices for secondary verification provide enforcement officers with verification data and gives confidence to consumers. 

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    Mobile Operability Authentication


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