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    A launch to be proud of - experience a seamless new banknote introduction
    De La Rue’s expertise in new banknote introduction and public education helps ensure a successful launch

    Learn from 169 years of research and practical experience

    Most members of the general public use banknotes as part of their daily lives without giving them a second thought. Skilled banknote design and effective security features help ensure that banknote interactions are intuitive and natural. However, the introduction of a successful new series of banknotes requires extremely careful planning from those involved in the central bank or issuing authority.

    The Central Bank of Barbados recently introduced a new series of banknotes on SAFEGUARD® polymer - read about their experience and gain some inspiration here. 

    Public and professional education is an important part of a successful banknote launch. It helps generate excitement and engagement as well as informing the public about what to look for. As more central banks transition to polymer banknotes good communication also helps to manage expectations about the differences between paper and polymer, ultimately helping increase the acceptance of the new banknotes.

    Launches are often most successful when all stakeholders are considered and engaged, including public and professional money handlers. If people can identify key security features they contribute significantly towards a strong defense against counterfeiting.

    Don't just take our word for it! Visit our thought leadership page to read  expert advice advice. Ben Crossland is a senior communications advisor and shares his perspective and experience working on campaigns such as the launch as the first Bank of England polymer banknotes.


    Let us help you 

    These pictures, from the Central Bank of Barbados, shows the reaction to a new series of banknotes when you get it right.
    We are here to design, manufacture and help central banks achieve an equally successful launch.

    • Learn what works well and not so well from real life examples of public education campaigns
    • Gain practical knowledge from De La Rue’s team of experts, with unique worldwide experience of supporting customers’ public education campaigns
    • Learn about specialist research in the field of public education
    • Be able to apply a well-tested, structured and logical approach

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