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      A launch to be proud of - Experience a seamless new banknote introduction
      De La Rue’s Public Education consultancy service enables central banks to deliver materials to support banknote users in understanding public security features

      Public Education Consultancy Service – learn from decades of research and practical experience

      Most members of the general public use banknotes as part of their daily lives without giving them a second thought. In the past both Central Banks and their suppliers have concentrated most of their efforts on the production of banknotes with effective security features. Proportionally little focus has been placed on educating the public and professional money handlers about their banknotes.

      It’s become increasingly evident that a vital element of a banknote’s defence against counterfeiting is a public education campaign that makes people aware of the need to check their banknotes, and shows them how to identify key security features.

      Key benefits

      • Understand what works well and not so well from real life examples of public education campaigns
      • Gain practical knowledge from De La Rue’s team of experts, with unique worldwide experience of supporting customers’ public education campaigns
      • Learn about specialist research in the field of public education
      • Be able to apply a well-tested, structured and logical approach


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      A steady track record


      Number of new De La Rue designs successfully issued in 2019


      Number of educational programmes offered to 36 countries since 2015


      Number of 'Know Your Money' local training courses provided to Central Banks since 2017

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