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    Thinking beyond Design.
    We don’t just design banknotes - we craft experiences.

    We design with imagination and implement with intelligence.

    We pride ourselves on realising the banknote issuing authority's vision, capturing the soul and passion of a country and translating this into an aesthetic masterpiece, where creativity meets function.

    Renowned for aesthetically brilliant designs and responsible for over 1/3rd of all banknote designs in circulation, we are the trusted partner to central banks and state printing works.

    We offer our customers an unparalleled service, embracing the tension between creativity and manufacturing discipline to deliver solutions to exacting requirements, placing the issuing authority at the heart of everything we do.

    We are here to capture and translate your story and navigate your design experience.


    Thinking beyond design

    The DLR Design experience sets us apart, focusing on the entire product Life-cycle analysing every element; providing an intelligent curation of technology, aesthetics, circulation Intelligence, engineering and manufacturing. Immersing ourselves in the country’s history and culture we integrate unique insights; from user experiences and interactions to perception studies and durability considerations.

    It is this unique approach that takes our thinking far beyond design where every element has a functional purpose, guaranteeing security and reliability we are transforming the design experience.

    The design experience

    At the inception of the project our best in industry designers are crafting your interactive design experience, blending unique insights and working simultaneously with design engineering.

    This dynamic partnership scrutinises every element assessing and modelling the product through various stages of the life-cycle, minimising risk and providing predictability. Our custom software is mapped to manufacturing tolerances, ATM and cash processing machines, providing automated and real time design analysis highlighting problem areas informing designers; artistically brilliant, meticulously engineered.

    The build

    A Symbiosis of Artistry and Technical Design. The integration of the concept into a high resolution, fully function banknote requires unparalleled precision and accuracy. Our highly skilled technical designers excel in securitising the concept, cohesively blending complex graphics and engraving elements, working to the finest detail ensuring the integrity of your banknote.

    Automated design analysis is conducted at the micron level, selecting optimised parameters guaranteeing the artistic content is translated to print. In parallel the team are performing full machine readable analysis, certifying banknote examination compatibility.

    The perfect prototype

    Involving the issuing authority at every stage of the design journey is critical. Ensuring we capture, translate and accurately realise your vision is vital.

    Our advanced prototyping approach allows the opportunity to provide a functional representation of the final banknote prior to scale-able manufacture. This enables us to verify the integrity of the aesthetic design, validate the functional elements and provide a final approval and absolute agreement before we head into production offering total clarity and no surprises. Fully aligned to global manufacturing processes customers can feel assured.

    Where banknotes are born

    During the entire design journey, we concurrently prepare for banknote launch, with a commitment to precision, performance and aesthetics the dedicated launch team ensure a smooth transition from the design phase into manufacturing.

    As your banknote comes to life, we relentlessly pursue excellence, monitoring every aspect during production. Our Design Analytics module provides a dynamic and holistic view of the manufacturing cycle, allowing for real time feedback and optimisation with one goal, deliver excellence and exceed your expectations.

    Get in touch


    We are here to answer your questions about this service. Simply get in touch with Alan Eckford, Head of Design.

    A proven track record


    The % of all new banknotes issued in the past 5 years that were designed by De La Rue

    We have been nominated for over a hundred
    design awards over the last 15 years
    We routinely design De La Rue banknotes to be manufactured in 4 different countries

    Our banknote design services

    Collaborative Design & Design Workshops

    From the start of the design experience we work in close collaboration with customers and stakeholders to realise your vision. Our design workshops enable us to tailor your needs, while our integrative immersive approach encourages engagement in the creative experience. Offering a design consultative service that is intelligent, innovative and evidence led.

    Substrate Design

    Designing the foundation of the banknote requires artistic flair and a technical mindset. Working with either paper or our Safeguard® Polymer, we will walk you through the art of the possible. Providing your design options covering aesthetics, securitisation or how to design with Safeguard® in mind.

    Security Feature Design

    As specialists in security feature design we will provide the optimum selection and combination to protect your currency, all tailored to your banknote and your vision. We will develop a diverse range of options for your selection including threads, holograms and substrate and applied features all seamlessly integrated and bespoke.

    Banknote Print Design

    Offering a complete end-to-end design service, you will have access to our award-winning team of highly skilled and experienced design specialists. Working directly with you every step of the way you will be provided with concept design presentation packs offering you a selection of aesthetic and functional options. Forming a close partnership, your vision and story will be brought to life and realised in your chosen, finished design.


    Our world-class team work closely with you to translate your selected reference materials into high quality engravings delivering artistic excellence. We offer a modular, end-to-end engraving service providing engravings optimised for your chosen substrate and origination method, all meticulously crafted for your requirements.



    Technical Design and Origination

    Providing the full translation of conceptual design into high resolution, production ready materials. Our team of technical experts optimise the design for cost and ready for manufacture, with a fully finished origination pack to suit your requirements. Our services also include further securitisation elements such as DR Marking and anti-scan features all fully verified for functionality.


    Using materials and equipment mapped to the complete end-to-end manufacturing process our proofing and prototyping department provide a functional representative of the final banknote. The banknote proof is submitted for your final and absolute agreement before going to full production, no surprises so you will feel secure every step of the way.

    Case studies

    Qatar Central Bank 5th Series

    The Qatar Central Bank 5th Series of Qatar Riyal banknotes won the ‘Best New Banknote Series (EMEA)’ category in the prestigious 2021 High Security Print Regional Banknote of the Year Awards. The 5th Series is the result of a creative partnership and 4 years continuous work between the banknote manufacturer De La Rue and Mr Mohammed Jasim Al-Kuwari, Executive Director of Public Debt, Banking Affairs and Issuance Division of the Qatar Central Bank. Extensive design and optimisation considerations took place, including the integration of complex new security features, before the final designs for each of the 7 denominations were selected and approved. The QR200 is a new denomination that was required to fill a gap in the banknote circulation system and complete this award winning series.

    Fiji banknote

    The issuing authority brief was to bring a vision of Fiji’s natural beauty to life across a new banknote series. Working closely with the design committee and local experts in flora, fauna, land and marine life, our design team collated some of the most vibrant native subject matter via specimens and photography. These were skilfully transitioned through sketches to engraving and then to full security production, delivering a stunning result with the perfect blend of aesthetics, security, function and durability.

    The Seychelles Series of Banknotes

    The series of banknotes depicting the unique wildlife of the Seychelles demonstrates some of the best design integration and security feature collaboration work that can be seen on a note today. The cylinder-mould watermark and stunning security threads show local insects and animals — the demetalisation of the holographic foil is in the shape of a turtle. Precision engraving, complex litho workings and iridescent screens of scenic land and seascapes subsequently build together; a multitude of design disciplines working in complete unison.

    Maldives Banknotes

    With all the security features designed as integrated elements of the initial concept storyboard, The Maldives’ series demonstrates groundbreaking full-bleed iridescent patternwork across the polymer notes. The project involved close collaboration with a local artist to develop and adapt original watercolour paintings into highly complex and fully secure line-workings.

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