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    Beyond clean, green, durable and secure.

    SAFEGUARD® was launched in response to central bank demand and first issued in 2013. It became De La Rue’s fastest growing product and is already issued on over 100 notes. 

    Several central banks have said they moved to polymer because it is cleaner, greener, more durable and more secure than paper banknotes. De La Rue is the only provider of polymer substrate who also manufactures finished banknotes, combining substrate and print design for exceptional product integration. 

    Download our latest brochure on SAFEGUARD® and security features here

    SAFEGUARD® Designed to Last

    SAFEGUARD® can withstand prolonged periods in boiling water, washing machines, harsh chemicals, heat and much more. It passes multiple standard industry tests, sailing through many with ease.

    Sit back, turn the music up and watch SAFEGUARD® through its paces in this video.


    Perfect for:

    • Improving the cleanliness of banknotes in circulation
    • Improving banknote durability and reduced environmental impact - polymer produces 60% less waste and uses 96% less water than paper notes
    • Introducing new counterfeiting barriers - every central bank with published counterfeit levels has shown a decrease upon moving to polymer
    • Unlocking new banknote design possibilities 
    • Dual supply with other polymer banknote substrate

    A transition to SAFEGUARD® involves exceptional product design from first concepts to finished banknotes and De La Rue’s expert support at every stage of the process. SAFEGUARD® is provided as finished banknotes to central banks and as substrate to state printing works and commercial banknote manufacturers.

    Case studies

    Partnering for a Successful Conversion of the Egyptian LE10 to Polymer

    In July 2022 the Central Bank of Egypt issued polymer banknotes for the first time.

    This milestone was the result of several years of effort and an ongoing partnership with De La Rue supporting the central bank from design through to qualification and manufacture.

    Read This Case Study →

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