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    Traceology® - Protecting Revenues and Reputations

    The threat to a Brand owners’ revenue from counterfeit and diverted products being sold in their markets is not new, and in today’s global economy where trade is enabled by online marketplaces and international supply chains, this problem continues to grow and gain velocity.

    De La Rue understands the need for Brands to secure their supply chains, having the tools to trace products from manufacture to market, with real time data and analytics to monitor and close down counterfeit and diversion activity. The prerequisite for clear market level visibility is growing, allowing a Brand Manager to be able to identify counterfeits and revenue loss quickly and easily.

    Safeguarding reputations and revenue demands authentication and traceability solutions that are robust, adaptable and can be quickly deployed. De La Rue provides comprehensive modular software solutions, which provide authentication against counterfeit and fraud, and traceability to detect smuggling and diversion.


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    “Traceology’s key ability is to track and trace item-level products from factory finishing processes all the way into the hands of the end consumer.”

    Barry Holloway
    Head of Technical Product Marketing

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    The Traceology® Suite

    Traceology® is a digital anti-counterfeit and anti-diversion platform that integrates with De La Rue’s high security authentication labels to provide powerful product protection for Brand Owners and supply chain participants.

    Through the combination of supply chain integration, user-friendly mobile apps, big data storage and data analytics reporting, De La Rue’s Traceology® Suite seamlessly connects consumers, brand owners, manufacturers, 3rd party logistics providers and international brand investigators. Traceology’s data aggregation collates and presents critical brand protection intelligence quickly and easily, a process that could have previously taken weeks or months, or even never been accomplished.



    Our Traceology® Suite enables eVerification through the scanning of the QR code on our PURE™ and IZON® labels. This acts as a secondary product verification method and also provides a simple platform for brands to interact with their customers. The Traceology® Gateway app not only verifies the label but can be easily customised to your needs to guide the user through the authentication process, which include how to tell videos and images.

    The creation of an end-to-end consumer journey using our Traceology® Suite works to communicate a high level of authenticity and transparency, which in turn helps to instil, increase and reinforce brand trust, and enhance the consumer’s overall brand experience. Each authentication label from De La Rue carries a unique serial number which enables tracking throughout its lifecycle. Combined with De La Rue’s Traceology® suite, this provides brand owners with complete visibility and control from source to consumption. Every process in the supply chain is managed through a centralised database with customised reporting analytics.

    DLR Validate™ enables your brand’s field enforcement agents to quickly and easily identify whether a label is genuine or not, using a mobile platform which can verify the featured hologram’s authenticity. This process confirms the validity of a label in under ten seconds and is a valuable device for field agents who have little time to visually inspect every label.

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