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    Banknote Operations: Our services for State Print Works

    Sharing our knowledge and expertise on the design, local production and recycling of banknotes.

    De La Rue is the largest commercial banknote producer in the world. We manufacture banknotes and security features in the UK, with print facilities in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Malta. We have a great deal of expertise in successfully integrating complex manufacturing projects and processes.

    Banknote Operations is our in-house consulting and project management service for State Print Works and commercial printers looking to integrate our security features and Safeguard polymer substrate into banknotes.

    Our operational excellence (OPEX) process is used by multiple State Print Works around the world. We have proven methods that ensure consistent, accurate, timely and sustainable delivery of banknote projects.

    It is our aim that De La Rue’s Banknote Operations be the first place that State Print Works look to when integrating external suppliers into their banknote upgrade programmes. The foundation for achieving this aim is through our methods of intelligent banknote design and origination. We focus on designing banknotes for manufacture, efficiency of sorting, sustainability as well as their aesthetic and cultural appeal.

    How we work

    Joint ventures

    Our Kenyan and Sri Lankan production facilities are operated as joint ventures with the respective governments of these countries. Previously we have set up joint ventures with governments, established a production facility and then withdrawn as the technology was transferred.


    Project delivery

    De La Rue transformed the former Bank of England production facility in Debden, UK into the world leading production facility for polymer banknotes. This re-equipping was carried out concurrently with the printing of two new polymer denominations.


    Project integration

    De La Rue has worked with over a hundred central banks and governments as an integrator, partner, investor or consultant. Banknote Operations have delivered transformation projects, advised on OPEX methods for establishing State Print Works and cash/vault management operations. Our ability to draw on best in class solutions and resources ensure that we always meet the unique requirements of our clients.



    Analytics and insights

    Once a project is fully operational, Banknote Operations will assist with the implementation of DLR Analytics™. This is our own forecasting and circulation tool which enables central banks to better understand and forecast their own cash needs using DLR’s unique data sets.



    • Quality
      Our OPEX process establishes beneficial, reliable, cost-effective and measurable means for your hardware and operating processes.
    • Mutual benefit
      OPEX creates opportunity for your workforce as they upskill to use modern hardware. Employees who feel valued have greater job satisfaction which in turn leads to increased productivity and innovation
    • Sensitivity
      De La Rue’s depth and breadth of international experience, means our people understand how to find the most appropriate outcomes when delivering projects across multiple cultures.

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    We are here to answer your questions about this service. Simply get in touch with David Cook, Sales Desk and Operations Manager.

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