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    Instantaneous impact 
    and limitless design.

    GEMINI™ is a distinctive and versatile print feature that reveals itself under ultra-violet light for cashiers, and tellers to validate. The hidden image appears as two colours when illuminated with UV and is intricately linked to the image or pattern work of the visible print.

    With over 150 banknote denominations on GEMINI™ and the ability to retrofit existing designs, GEMINI™ is De La Rue’s most popular print feature. Enhanced variants of GEMINI™ further increase the flexibility of this feature.

    With Gemini™ the impact is instantaneous and the design variations are limitless.

    Perfect for:

    • Cashier and teller authentication
    • Adding “Easter Eggs” (i.e. hidden features to delight the user) simple and cost effective increase in counterfeit resilience
    • A simple, cost effective route to increase the counterfeit resilience
    • Visually linking banknotes in a series using variants on a common theme
    • Every single banknote denomination

    Four variants of GEMINI™ are available.
    The original GEMINI™ appears as a single shape or image in a single colour, with the two UV colours appearing as perfectly linked to that image. GEMINI™-Blocks, GEMINI™-Lines and GEMINI™-Microtext are enhanced variants, using distinct patterns and microtext to build up the UV variants of the feature.

    Case studies

    First polymer banknote with Gemini™ microtext

    The Bank of Botswana 10 Pula was the first polymer banknote to be issued with GEMINI™-Microtext. Launched in 2018 this note was a sympathetic upgrade of the paper 10 Pula to a SAFEGUARD® variant, maintaining but modernizing aspect of the design for ease of public recognition. GEMINI™ inks were incorporated into the pattern work of the banknote as part of the microtext. The words “Bank of Botswana” are visible on the note under standard lighting but switch to two UV colours of microtext under UV illumination. In one area of the note the microtext is clustered to form the number 10, the denominational value of the note.

    ‘Fabric of Nature’ series with GEMINI™

    In March 2020 the Royal Bank of Scotland issued the third banknote in its series of ‘Fabric of Nature’ themed notes, designed to capture the beauty of some of the Scottish natural environments. The £20 followed the £5 in 2016 and the £10 in 2017. The new £20 features illustrations of red squirrels on its reverse, appearing as red squirrels under standard lighting conditions but lighting up in two colours when illuminated under UV light. The GEMINI™ squirrels on the £20 were designed in a consistent way to the GEMINI™ otters on the £10 and the GEMINI™ mackerel on the £5, adding to the sense that the new series is a set.

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