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    A new kind of banknote security feature.

    NEXUS™ launched in December 2020 and is a new category of security feature for mid and high value denomination banknotes - embedded stripe.

    The 18mm wide stripe, with a full height window has a very large surface area populated with bright colours, dynamic imagery and engaging micro-optic effects. NEXUS™ is embedded into the paper, sharing the same high security and durability benefits found in banknote security threads.

    The surface area provides a striking and memorable alternative to existing feature types and makes the banknote stand out to the public.

    Perfect for:

    • Mid and high denominations as a 'flagship' feature
    • Displaying large, dynamic and custom images
    • Strong public recognition with vivid micro-optic effects across a large surface area

    NEXUS™ is visually remarkable, responding to the current trend for large eye catching features which create engagement and aid public recognition.

    There is no other embedded security feature available today with the size, clarity and visual impact of NEXUS™.

    Case studies

    NEXUS (1)
    Qatar Central Bank 5th Series

    On 13th December 2020 the Qatar Central Bank announced their 5th series of banknotes.

    The series consists of seven denominations with the front celebrating Qatari flora, fauna and architecture. The reverse of the notes reflect Qatari tradition and the development of education, sport and the economy. These themes are integrated with several security features from De La Rue.

    The new series is the first in the world to introduce NEXUS™ on the 500 Riyal, with IGNITE® and PUREIMAGE™ appearing on other denominations. NEXUS™ appears as the purple stripe on the 500 with the Qatar state emblem chosen as the focal image.

    This series is unique and De La Rue is extremely privileged to have designed and printed these notes for this occasion.

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