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    Brand Protection Labels

    The need for overt security is becoming more important than ever in today’s brand protection space. There is a counterfeit crisis with illicit trade and counterfeit goods valued at $2.2 trillion, the need for overt security and robust track and trace software has never been greater.

    High Security Authentication Labels

    Our holograms engage, enhance and enforce

    De La Rue has been creating brand protection solutions for over 30 years, applying our expertise and proven track record in security sectors to the specific challenges facing your brand. De La Rue designs, originates and manufactures holographic labels and hot stamping foils. Holography remains a key element of any brand protection solution due to the versatility of effects. 

    Holograms provide quick authentication through immediate visual verification and additionally through the use of a smartphone application for secondary validation and added interaction with the end user. Our highly secure PURE™ and IZON® holographic labels engage users, enhance products and enforce brand and anti-piracy programs. De La Rue offers both embossed PURE™ and Lippmann IZON® holograms in a very wide range of label formats.



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    PURE™ labels

    Our PURE™ labels are created using advanced government grade embossed holography, as used in high security documents. PURE™ offers flexibility in terms of bold colour and effects to enhance your brand and engage users. The holograms have an always-on appearance; they are visible in every environment and work at every angle. We use a broad range of holographic effects which are aesthetically pleasing and highly resistant to replication using commercial origination systems.

    All our PURE™ labels are tamper evident, either PET with a full label void or tamper evident paper, this means that the label cannot be reused after it has been applied to the genuine product. Removal of the label not only destroys the holographic elements of the label, but also leaves a mark on the product to show that a label was previously there.

    The following videos showcase some of our PURE™ labels and their holographic effects ...


    Quartz – Secure Globe

    On this label the contrast switch background from white to black is a strong effect for easy visual verification. In the centre the depth and rotation of the globe means it is easily distinguished.



    Quartz – Secure Shield

    When moved east-west, the multidepth background and metallic shield shine clearly. In the centre the two-colour Fresnel is bold and easy to explain for people to authenticate.


    Zircon – Secure Padlock

    On tilting East-West the metal relief padlocks are clearly visible, with the animated text moving behind the padlock and visible through the keyhole. Around each padlock is a coloured key-line which is animated when tilted North-South.

    Print designs are bespoke for every customer, adhering to brand guidelines with colour options and can contain a number of high security print features adding to the high level of security protecting this label from counterfeiters.



    IZON® labels, produced by our highly differentiated Lippmann / Volume holography platform, provide incredible 3D effects, viewable in full parallax. The IZON® effects enable simple and intuitive authentication for supply chain stakeholders and end users. There are few companies worldwide who can reproduce Lippmann holograms in volume, and the 3D photopolymer film materials are strictly controlled with a secure supply chain, making this technology highly resistant to reproduction or simulation.

    All our IZON® labels are tamper evident, using frangible substrates. Removal of the label destroys the holographic label.

    The following videos showcase some of our IZON® labels and their holographic effects ...


    IZON® 3D Label

    On tilting the label, the SecureDots are clearly observed, as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. When rotated upside down the primary image completely disappears providing a simple way for visual authentication.



    IZON Strip in Label (SIL)

    SIL labels combine the overt simplicity of IZON® with customer branding and secure printing technologies.

    Base label designs are bespoke for every customer.


    Traceology® Integration

    Traceology® eVerification with PURE™ and IZON® engages consumers through smartphone interaction, allowing them to validate genuine products.

    Find out more about Traceology





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