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      Our counterfeit team provides best in class forensic expertise.
      Our courses will enable you and your employees to confidently analyse counterfeit banknotes in your country

      Learn from our skilled anti-counterfeit experts

      Awareness of all the issues surrounding banknotes, including the counterfeiting threat and how to counter it, is important and is a key function of a central bank. Counterfeit training and risk prevention is often seen as an after-thought until real counterfeit issue arise. Counterfeiters are continuously honing and refining their tactics and methods and it is therefore essential to have a comprehensive understanding of all things counterfeiting and be enabled to make informed decisions that safeguard your nation’s currency.

      Key benefits

      • Increase the counterfeit awareness of your region
      • Reduce the risk of counterfeit emergencies
      • Gain expert witness techniques to testify in a court of law
      • Make informed and confident decisions
      • Learn from highly skilled anti-counterfeit experts
      • Learn in a comfortable and social environment


      “De La Rue has just overwhelmed me.
      You guys have been phenomenal, thank you all very much.”

      Bank of Ghana delegate
      attending the Counterfeit Detection Course in 2019

      Our courses

      Counterfeit detection course

      Provides delegates with detailed information on banknote technology and current counterfeiting techniques and enables detection of counterfeits with confidence.
      Course dates: As requested
      Course length: 2-4 working days

      Expert witness course

      Provides delegates with the expertise to prepare forensic reports and testify in a court law. Delegates must have completed the Counterfeit Course in advance.
      Course dates: As requested
      Course length: 3 working days

      Emergency support

      Enables institutions, public services and merchants with training during counterfeit emergencies. This course is highly bespoke.
      Course dates: As requested
      Course length: As required

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      Our 3 year track record 


      Number of countries suspect notes have been analysed for, with 33 reports provided


      Witness statements for 10,860 counterfeit Scotland and Northern Ireland notes 


      The number of countries that have participated in our counterfeit training sessions

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