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    The ultimate colour changing security thread.

    State of the art combinational technology is used to create a wide palette colour change that is precisely coupled with striking movement effects.

    The vibrant colours make IGNITE® stand out and the effects are sharp, clear and obvious when tilted across a wide range of viewing angles. Two highly secure technologies, colour-shift and micro-optics, combine to create double the counterfeit barrier and lead to a thread that is highly secure as well as visually striking.

    Perfect for:

    • Mid and high denominations – the latest thread from De La Rue
    • A natural upgrade from STARCHROME®
    • Banknotes requiring a strongly coloured security thread
    • Proven in state printing works and commercial printers
    • Can match colours and link the design to SPARK® features

    IGNITE® is available in a range of colours which can be combined with different movement or pulsing effects. Sharp icons, images, letters and numbers can be incorporated into the thread to make it unique for each banknote denomination, complementing the design theme of the banknote and increasing the counterfeit resilience.

    Case studies

    Commemorative notes of the 100 and 200 Taka

    On 17th March 2020 people in Bangladesh celebrated the birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who is often known as the Father of the Nation. To mark the occasion the Bangladesh Bank issued celebratory commemorative notes of the 100 Taka and 200 Taka denominations, printed in their state printing works. A blue-green IGNITE® thread was selected for the 100 Taka note and the logo of the central bank was designed into the thread. Congratulations to the Bangladesh Bank and Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd on the successful manufacture and launch of these beautiful notes. It was a privilege to provide IGNITE® for this occasion.

    The Central Bank of Uzbekistan 50,000 Som

    As part of its new “Great Silk Road” series of banknotes, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan issued new denominations combining a geometric modern style with antiquity, demonstrating significant landmarks along Uzbekistan’s section of the historical route.

    The banknotes were produced by the State Unitary Enterprise “Davlat Belgisi” and the 50,000 Som featured IGNITE® security thread.

    IGNITE in Qatar notes
    Award-Winning Qatar Series

    The award winning series of banknotes entered circulation in 2020, celebrating Qatari flora, fauna and architecture. The reverse of the notes reflects Qatari tradition and the development of education, sport and the economy. 

    This 5th series represented the first time that IGNITE® appeared on circulating banknotes and the first time that the red/black and red/green colour shift was seen in a note. IGNITE® features on the 50, 100 and 200 Rial banknotes.

    states of guernsey
    New £10 issued by the States of Guernsey

    The updated £10, issued by the States of Guernsey in 2023 featured IGNITE®. This series also contains  PUREIMAGE™ and NEXUS™, demonstrating how IGNITE® can be designed to seamlessly integrate into a family with varied security features. The imagery of the series remain unchanged and continue to feature Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  

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