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    Your secure supply chain experts.
    Our solution architects and software product teams work with you to tailor our modular products to your requirements to protect your supply chain and give you the data and control you need.

    Software designed by experts to protect supply chains.

    De La Rue Authentication understands how to protect supply chains: It has been the core of our own high security printing and materials business for decades.

    Software and solution design that ensures effective integration into supply chains and processes around them is the most critical element today in protecting revenue and reputation, be that for brand or government excise authorities.

    Our expert solution architects and product managers have over 70 years of combined supply chain and logistics experience working with multiple brand verticals and governments. They work with you to understand your requirements and advise on where we can protect your supply chain through intelligent deployment and integration of our agile, modular software platforms.

    Our Software Design

    Our three core software design principles

    1. Minimise impact on production
      We will always look to integrate with existing infrastructure where we can and minimise the impact on production facilities. If a deeper integration is required, we work closely with you and your stakeholders to design solutions that are tried, tested and work for all.

    2. Protect the supply chain with modular solutions
      Our modular software platforms afford protection of the supply chain at every step of the product journey. Our flexible approach enables the expansion of the platform and features to address new threats or create better insights and reporting.

    3. Tools for the users
      Whether it is shipping and scanning reports or mobile applications for enforcement officers and consumers, we put the user at the heart of our design approach and delivery modern, easily manageable applications that provide insight and control.

    Software management

    e-verification, order management, aggregation and disaggregation

    When designing the right supply chain solutions there are a range of different features and capabilities available to you that can be used in isolation or combined to provide end to end defence. Speak to our experts to help design the right solution for you.

    Data Analytics

    Control borne from insight is at the heart of effective analytics. With a global supply chain, protecting the extraction, manipulation and presentation of data is critical to ensuring control end to end. Speak to us about De La Rue’s sophisticated reporting service suite for Governments and Brands.

    Mobile inter-operability

    It is almost standard that modern security documents must be inter-operable with mobile devices, be that for enforcement officers seeking verification data or to engage, educate and give confidence to consumers.

    Key software products

    Traceology for brand

    The De La Rue Traceology platform provides robust e-verification through mobile apps and analytics tools for the enforcement officer and antipiracy teams. Traceology also supports a consumer mobile verification app. Each authentication label carries a unique serial number which is recorded in the Traceology database. This code is used for traceability of the labels as they move from De La Rue factory to Brand application, to the market.

    In addition to e-verification the Traceology mobile app offers field enforcement officers a further, unique verification check. Using DLR Validate a user can verify the validity of a hologram. This process in conjunction with e-verification and how to tell training can confirm the validity of a label in seconds and is a valuable device for field agents who have little time to visually inspect every label.

    The Traceology Gateway app not only verifies the label but can be easily customised to your needs to guide the user through the authentication process, which include how to tell videos and images. The system analytics capture where scans are made and will capture images of suspect labels for further analysis.



    Traceology® Suite

    The Traceology® Suite is composed of 2 sub-systems



    DLR Certify™ for Governments

    DLR Certify™, a proven state of the art digital solution, which enables customers to uniquely identify, manage, authenticate and trace excisable product from manufacturer to retailer. The modular design of the software ensures that it can easily be configured and adapted to differing workflows and supply chains.

    For tobacco control the system DLR Certify™, is FCTC compliant and operates to GS1 standards.

    Our DLR Certify™ digital modular solution and stamp management software incorporates the following features, all via the DLR Certify™ Hub as shown below.



    1. Secure unique identifiers
      The Code Generation and Management System within DLR Certify ensures that every item that carries a DLR Certify code is globally unique – a critical requirement for industry to guarantee authentication on an item-by-item basis, and to facilitate traceability.

    2. Supply-chain traceability
      From licensing authorised stakeholders and order approval through to shipping events and authentication checks, the DLR Certify system provides traceability that ensures control is retained every step of the way.

    3. Authentication and reporting
      In addition to being experts in physical security products, De La Rue has designed a digital system that offers everything from fully managed devices and apps for people in the know through to consumer authentication – with reporting capability to match.

    4. Intelligence led enforcement
      Critical to the success of any authentication solution is giving tax enforcement teams the capability to investigate illicit trade and once discovered, enforce it through seizures and other appropriate punitive measures. DLR Certify provides all the tools to do this in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

    5. Service and support
      Core to DLR Certify is a user-friendly system that can be made as easy to manage as required. From De La Rue hosting directly through to local hosting with regional partners or simply empowering commercial organisations to manage themselves, the system can be tailored to fit.


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