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      Join the launch of our new 1st Edition Series Housenotes
      Our stunning new housenotes will be launched on the 16th February 2021, as part of our Currency Keynote event. Watch the keynote from 12pm (GMT) and find out more by visiting the housenotes pages (coming soon).

      De La Rue Currency

      We provide market-leading end-to-end currency solutions to over half the central banks and issuing authorities around the world. With De La Rue your banknotes are in safe hands, benefiting from the flexibility and the truly global expertise that comes from our unique scale and breadth.




      Our mission

      We provide banknotes that central banks and issuing authorities can be proud of whilst expertly partnering to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. We understand that banknotes are more than just currency and are fully committed to ensuring they deliver the end vision of central banks whilst functioning brilliantly in circulation.

      Beyond banknote security and design

      Every aspect of what we do goes beyond what is standard. We don’t just develop security features, we simultaneously push the boundaries on secure colourshift, micro-optic and holographic technologies. Our design team go far beyond normal design, utilizing analytics, perception studies, deep research and advanced techniques to create award-winning banknotes that are optimized for manufacture and every aspect of the cash cycle. Our technical experts don’t just understand banknote production and integration, they understand how to make it work in our multiple international sites, covering an enormous range of specifications.

      Ultimate capabilities

      We have and will continue to organize to meet the market needs and deliver world-class solutions. We are the only supplier of polymer substrate to design and print full banknotes, leading to innovative integration and exceptional banknote designs. We have the largest banknote design team and one of the most diverse currency portfolios in the world, meaning the banknotes we produce meet the aesthetic, functional, budgetary and security needs of an individual printing works or central bank. Our print sites in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Malta and the UK give us exceptional flexibility and contingency. And we underpin this all with currency experts who cover every aspect of banknote introduction from counterfeit assessments and cash cycle analytics through to new product introductions and public education


      A steady track record

      The % of all new banknotes issued in the past 5 years that were designed by De La Rue
      Billion Bank of England banknotes printed on polymer at Debden, UK
      The number of new banknotes designed by De La Rue that were issued in 2020 

      Meet some of our security products

      SAFEGUARD® - Going beyond clean, green, durable and secure

      Meet our fastest growing product.
      De La Rue is the only provider of polymer substrate who also manufactures finished banknotes, combining substrate and print design for exceptional product integration.  

      IGNITE® - The ultimate colour changing security thread

      State of the art combinational technology is used to create a wide palette colour change that is precisely coupled with striking movement effects.

      Personalise your banknotes with a highly bespoke thread

      The precise, intricate combination of two distinctly different secure technologies in KINETIC STARCHROME® generates a highly counterfeit resilient thread with extensive design possibilities.

      We strive to create meaningful, sustainable and positive impact.

      We believe businesses have a responsibility to nurture and build effective partnerships with governments, multilaterals and academia. Through active collaboration, we can build scalable, effective and sustainable development solutions.

      Upcoming events

      2 December 2020
      Sustainable Confidence: Printing on Polymer
      Webinar, no 2
      3 February 2021
      Sustainable Confidence: Polymer in the Cash Cycle
      Webinar, no 3

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