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    Striking effects from every angle.

    PUREIMAGE™ is the next generation of holographic threads, with novel movement and pulsing effects, not usually associated with holograms.

    Metallic threads naturally catch the eye. Upon closer examination the advanced diffractive microstructures generate effects that are visible when tilted on any angle. With a wide viewing angle, PUREIMAGE™ is impactful in thread widths as narrow as 2mm and even more striking in wider threads.

    Perfect for:

    • Combining with KINETIC STARCHROME® in a series of banknotes
    • Using across an entire series, selecting wider thread variants for higher value banknotes
    • Design synergies with holographic patches and stripes – themes and
      effects can replicate across the banknote for easy public recognition and engagement
    • State printing works and commercial printers

    PUREIMAGE™ holographic effects require bespoke imaging equipment that is programmed with advanced code. This leads to novel holographic effect that includes pulsing, intuitive movement (one direction) and counterintuitive movement (opposing directions).

    The designs can be customized, for instance incorporating characters or numbers into the effects, making this an incredibly versatile thread.

    Case studies

    A PUREIMAGE™ thread for the Central Bank of the Gambia

    In 2019 the Central Bank of the Gambia launched its new series of banknotes, containing themes of local flora and fauna. In doing so it became the first central bank to issue banknotes containing De La Rue’s new PUREIMAGE™ thread. The central bank selected a 2mm narrow thread width, with an impactful pulsing effect and the denominational value of the 10 Dalasi. This thread perfectly complemented the KINETIC STARCHROME® threads selected for the higher value denominations, as both threads contained a holographic element. De La Rue was honoured to work with the Central Bank of the Gambia on this symbolic new series of banknotes. 

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