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    Welcome to Malta. Merħba!
    The perfect location for a highly skilled
    production facility and an export
    hub to the rest of the world.

    About De La Rue in Malta

    With more than 40 years of proud history of operations and strong relations with the people of Malta, De La Rue has contributed to the country’s economy and its community since 1975.

    De La Rue’s relationship here goes back over a century; De La Rue produced Malta’s first stamp in 1860 and became the supplier of its banknotes in 1918, continuing as the sole supplier until Malta entered the Euro in 2008.

    Recognising the strategic and geographical importance of Malta for a highly skilled production facility and an export hub to the rest of the world, De La Rue first commenced its operations in the country with a purpose-built banknote factory. This marked the start of a long, strong, and supportive relationship with the people and the Government of Malta.

    Our relationship, investment and growth continued, with a second facility to expand our product range opening in 2008 and the creation of a Centre of Excellence for Security Print in 2016. We’ve also made significant progress in reducing the environmental impact of our operations and will continue to focus here.

    The site today exports over 14 billion unique banknotes, tax stamps and other high security products and to over 85 countries around the world – that’s over 30,000 items for every single person living in Malta. Planned investments will further improve our capability and increase our production capacity. Our tax stamp capacity will more than double and increased banknote capacity will create a more agile footprint, with the ability to handle surges in demand.

    Products produced in Malta include:

    • Tax stamps
    • Authentication labels
    • Banknotes
    • Polycarbonate data pages

    De La Rue Malta awarded NCPE Equality Mark

    We are proud to announce that on 8th June 2022, we were awarded with the NCPE Equality Mark in a ceremony presided over by the Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality, following an audit held in May.

    As a company we are working towards promoting holistic equality in the workplace, with a number of events held throughout the year to raise awareness and actions taken to increase gender equality. As such, we decided to apply to be certified with the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality, or ‘NCPE’.

    The Equality Mark is a certification awarded to companies and organisations that make gender equality one of their values and whose management is based on the recognition and promotion of the potential of all employees irrespective of their gender and caring responsibilities.

    The mark distinguishes De La Rue Malta as an upholder of this commitment and can be publicly displayed on its website and any other forms of public social media. The mark is retained for a period of 2 years following which the site will be up for re-audit and re-certification.

    CLF_0875 copy



    National HR Quality Mark Award for Malta

    The Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) has awarded the De La Rue Malta HR Team a three year certification of recognition for professionalism, competence and contribution of De La Rue’s HR practices and operations. Following an evaluation conducted by the FHRD, the HR Team in Malta supported by the wider HR Group has been awarded the National HR Quality Mark for our effective practices in the field of Human Resources.

    The HR Quality Mark is not a competition between organisations but a process to guide organisations on how to improve their HR Practices and we thank FHRD for introducing the HR Quality Mark as a measure to guide organisations on how to improve their HR practice.



    The Company Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Women in Business

    Our Malta site was recently awarded second place in the Company Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Women in Business (Malta).

    Winning companies had to:

    • demonstrate tangible support and commitment in the promotion of women in business
    • have implemented measures to promote women, giving them equal opportunities and providing the right environment for them to flourish and achieve their full potential
    • demonstrate progress towards achieving gender balance in their senior management and decision making functions
    • serve as an inspiration to other companies that are serious in providing women with career and growth opportunities

    This award reflects De La Rue’s ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We value and respect each other’s views, opinions and beliefs – and everything else that make our colleagues unique.
    Be Heard. Be Valued. Be You.

    Pictured: Caroline Zammit, HR Manager, accepting the Certificate of Participation on behalf of De La Rue Malta, from the President of Malta H.E. Dr George Vella




    De La Rue Malta supports national micro placement scheme

    De La Rue is proud to be on the list of contributors offering micro placements via Malta’s Institute for Education Experiential Learning process. The micro placements give an opportunity for prospective educators to get a different experience from that of the classroom, working within the industry, Placements, are structured, short-term and supervised and are often focused on particular tasks or short-term projects.

    After the placement, the student writes a report of what they experienced and what they learnt that will help at work (ex: focus more on soft skills).

    Following the success of our first placement student we look forward to welcoming many more.

    If you are interested more information can be found here

    Malta in focus

    Our journey - A culture of continuous improvement

    Purpose built in 1975 to produce currency, De La Rue Malta has continued to invest in its facilities and its people. Here are some of our more recent highlights.

    2002: Banknote SuperLine 

    The site was selected to be the recipient of a banknote “SuperLine” from the Group’s operations in Singapore, in response to an increase in demand and the strengthening of its position as a gateway to Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    2016: Strategic Investment 

    The site has remained critical to the Group and core to the overall business strategy with on going investment into its manufacturing capabilities and continued training and up-skill of its employees.

    2018: Multi Product Centre of Excellence

    Most recently, De La Rue Malta has seen substantial enhancement with new state-of-the-art plate making facilities, a new polycarbonate production line to meet the growing needs of the identity sector, a high security logistics centre and achievement of ISO14298 for the management of security printing processes at the highest available Central Bank accreditation level.

    2021: Major facilities upgrade

    De La Rue Malta is delighted to announce a major upgrade to our existing facilities in Malta to become a 29k sqm state-of-the-art manufacturing site. This investment is supported by Malta's economic development agency, Malta Enterprise, and the Government of Malta.


    De La Rue Malta is the most secure printing facility on the island, working in partnership with the Maltese government, for the people of Malta and the world beyond.

    • Highest standards of both physical and digital security
    • Highly skilled staff and experts 
    • In house on-site engineering team, dedicated process managers
    • Continued and ongoing investment programme in our people and equipment
    • Competitive edge in terms of service, security, quality and customer value-add
    • Specialist security production equipment, not commercially available
    • Lean manufacturing methodologies and approaches


    "De La Rue has been manufacturing in Malta since 1975 and we are extremely proud of the skilled workforce we have here. The De La Rue Malta site has a strong track record managing investment, business continuity and consistently meeting targets against our commitments. We continue to be humbled and honoured by the welcome of the Maltese people and government and look forward to long-term continued cooperation."

    Clive Vacher, CEO, De La Rue

    Local community

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