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    Holograms - 
    The ultimate in image & effects personalisation.

    The popularity of holographic patches and stripes on banknotes continues to grow, enhancing the thread on paper notes and the window on polymer notes.

    De La Rue holograms are distinctive and versatile, providing high-resolution three-dimensional imagery, animation and extensive possibilities related to effects. Holographic techniques can bring to life detailed image themes from a banknote, such as figures or people that appear captured in the intaglio print.

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    Perfect for:

    • Upgrading security of paper and polymer banknotes
    • Higher denomination banknotes
    • Design synergies with the holographic element of PUREIMAGE™ or KINETIC STARCHROME®
    • Reinforcing the design theme of the note, via complementary imagery and effects
    • State printing works looking to add additional security to the banknotes they print

    The hologram can combine multiple images and effects, to enhance the counterfeit resilience of the banknote, and offers an almost limitless possibility of options.

    Available as patches or stripes and suitable for application by a range of machines, holographic security features are highly versatile security features. The sophistication of the imaging and algorithms to generate the effects continues to stay ahead of the counterfeiter.

    Case studies

    Two striking holographic stripes for Clydesdale Bank and the Bank of Scotland

    In February 2020 both Clydesdale Bank and the Bank of Scotland introduced their new SAFEGUARD® polymer £20 banknotes into circulation with two striking holographic stripes. Great holograms tell a story, using depth, animation, three-dimensional images and striking movement to enhance the beauty and security of the banknote. Clouds appear behind a statue and stars switch on and off in the Bank of Scotland £20. A spider crawls across a web and Robert the Bruce appears in photorealistic three-dimensions on the Clydesdale £20.

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