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    Brand protection: Automotive industry

    ​​Counterfeiting poses a significant threat to the automotive industry, impacting not only the economy but also endangering consumer safety. The automotive sector is embracing innovative strategies to combat counterfeit activities and ensure the authenticity of the products.  


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    Active industry threats

    According to the World Trademark Review, the estimated global economic cost of counterfeiting in the automotive industry was estimated to reach $2.3 trillion by 2022

    In the automotive industry, a range of essential parts are susceptible to counterfeiting, posing challenges to manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers alike. These unauthorised components pose safety risks, undermine genuine manufacturers, and deceive consumers, highlighting the urgent need for awareness and intervention in this sector. Some of the commonly counterfeited components include brake pads, airbags, oil filters, windshields, bearings, spark plugs, or engine oils. 

    The industry is witnessing a variety of counterfeiting practices, each posing distinct challenges: 

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    Our Solution

    De La Rue understands that a complete solution, protecting prior to point of sale through the full supply chain past end of life is essential to the success of any brand protection programme and therefore offers a range of digital track and trace capabilities alongside the world’s most secure labels, PURE™ and IZON®, designed specifically to integrate with your brand.

    Through marking each individual product with a uniquely serialised, highly secure label, and by tracking that product to its destination market (combined with consumer and inspector product verification applications) the market level picture of genuine and counterfeit product is built inside the Traceology® database for brand managers to analyse quickly and easily, informing exactly where the problems are.


    Secure labels

    De La Rue designs, originates and manufactures holographic labels and hot stamping foils. Holography remains a key element of any brand protection solution due to the versatility of effects, which are hard for counterfeiters to replicate.


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    De La Rue understands the need to secure supply chains, having the tools to trace products from manufacture to market, with real time data and analytics to monitor and close down illicit activity. Brand owners can act quickly and efficiently to stop counterfeit and diversion.


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