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    De La Rue Authentication Government Revenue Solutions.

    Tax stamps

    De La Rue designs, produces and manufactures tax stamps, which ensure the correct level of revenue has been paid and helps governments to certify that products are genuine.

    Tax stamps provide governments with a way to mark their excisable products (such as alcohol and tobacco), which in turn enables them to authenticate, validate and trace these products, providing them with valuable data. In countries who are adopting plain packaging for tobacco, tax stamps also provide a valuable public recognition feature. De La Rue works closely with governments to create a technical design, supported by a sophisticated layering of high security features to meet the exact country requirements.



    DLR Certify™

    DLR Certify™, a proven digital solution, which enables customers to uniquely identify, manage, authenticate and trace excisable product from manufacturer to retailer. The modular design of the software ensures that it can easily be configured and adapted to differing workflows and supply chains. For tobacco control the system DLR Certify™, is FCTC compliant and operates to GS1 standards.

    Our DLR Certify™ digital modular solution and stamp management software incorporates the five core elements:



    1. Secure unique identifiers
      The Code Generation and Management System within DLR Certify ensures that every item that carries a DLR Certify code is globally unique – a critical requirement for industry to guarantee authentication on an item-by-item basis, and to facilitate traceability.

    2. Supply-chain traceability
      From licensing authorised stakeholders and order approval through to shipping events and authentication checks, the DLR Certify system provides traceability that ensures control is retained every step of the way.

    3. Authentication and reporting
      In addition to being experts in physical security products, De La Rue has designed a digital system that offers everything from fully managed devices and apps for people in the know through to consumer authentication – with reporting capability to match.

    4. Intelligence led enforcement
      Critical to the success of any authentication solution is giving tax enforcement teams the capability to investigate illicit trade and once discovered, enforce it through seizures and other appropriate punitive measures. DLR Certify provides all the tools to do this in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

    5. Service and support
      Core to DLR Certify is a user-friendly system that can be made as easy to manage as required. From De La Rue hosting directly through to local hosting with regional partners or simply empowering commercial organisations to manage themselves, the system can be tailored to fit.


    Local support and training

    We can provide local technical and customer support services. From configuring implementation through to providing training for individual officials, De La Rue Authentication can scale and implement projects to meet the needs of each country and its various stakeholders.


    More than a 'Service desk'

    Operating to ITIL definitions, our Service teams are involved from the Tender stage through to the Operate and Exit phases, capturing issues and then managing them through to resolution within SLA. Investigating the root cause of the incidents with the aim of addressing them to prevent reoccurrence, whilst balancing customer requirements against contractual obligations, cost, compliance, capability and customer relationship impact.

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    Case studies

    United Arab Emirates
    United Arab Emirates

    In partnership with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), De La Rue is delivering a Digital Tax Stamp (DTS) solution to track and trace tobacco products to carry both a physical tax stamp and digital code on their packaging. UAE Customs Authorities have been fully trained and equipped to inspect, accept and approve all shipments which are being tracked from manufacturer through importer and into the supply chain in the UAE. The solution also ensures that the UAE complies with the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention for Tobacco Control, designed to minimise illicit trade in tobacco-based products.


    To meet the requirements of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (EUTPD), De La Rue has implement a digital solution to track and trace the c1.7 billion cigarette and hand rolling tobacco packs sold in the UK each year through the use of a web base portal and issuance of unique identifier codes. As part of the contract, De La Rue will also manage the service for Her Majesties Revenue & Customs (HMRC) with all tobacco manufacturers, importers and all other relevant economic operators serving the UK tobacco products sector. In the first three months of the scheme running, this has resulted in over 36,000 successful registrations to the system of economic operators, with more than 57,000 facilities and in excess of 200 million codes issued.

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