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    De La Rue Authentication
    Your Brand Protection Partner
    Our digital tools and physical security enable trust networks, tracing over
    1 billion products for our customers each year.

    Creating Supply Chain Resilience for Brands

    Over the last year there has been a significant rise of business online, with over twice as many people choosing to purchases via eCommerce rather than traditional shops and markets. As the world evolves to rely more and more on digital tools, supply chains are also digitising as manufacturing moves to ‘Industry 4.0’.

    This fast-moving landscape of change creates opportunities for illicit trade – counterfeit, diversion and the sale of substandard products. De La Rue provides layered brand protection solutions, which combine digital tools and physical security to create trust networks, where today we trace over 1 billion products a year.



    Our solution

    De La Rue offers a layered brand protection solution through Traceology®, which leverages big data repositories, and automated insights and monitoring, combined with De La Rue's high security holographic labels, which combine to secure the legitimate supply chain of genuine products and bring to light the grey and black market sales.






    Through marking each individual product with a uniquely serialised, highly secure label, and by tracking that product to its destination market (combined with consumer and inspector product verification applications) the market level picture of genuine and counterfeit product is built inside the Traceology® database for brand managers to analyse quickly and easily, informing exactly where the problems are.

    Traceology® also proactively alerts on detected diversion and counterfeit incidences, drawing the focus of the Brand Manager to the right area at the right time.

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    Benefits to key stakeholders

    Brand Owners

    A brand protection solution provides clear market level visibility of counterfeit and diversion activity, allowing a Brand Owner to identify trends and hotspots of revenue leakages and therefore enable the protection of brand reputations.

    End consumers

    The holographic authentication label enables increased trust that the product is genuine.

    Enforcement Officers

    Putting the right tools in the right hands, ensuring ease and agility of instant verification through mobile apps.

    Operations Managers

    The De La Rue Brand Protection solution is designed to ensure that there is low impact and easy integration with all existing supply chain/manufacturing processes, ensuring that production is never dented.

    Brands we work with

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    Why De La Rue

    When it comes to providing trust in genuine articles and securing supply chains, De La Rue is a partner with over 200 years of credible experience. Securing our own supply chain of the production and delivery of some of the highest security documents, such as passports and banknotes, is part of our business. We leverage this knowledge and capability when delivering anti-counterfeit and brand protection solutions for global enterprises.

    In the Government Revenue Protection market, we secure and trace over 1 billion excisable products worldwide each year. We apply this knowledge and experience in the implementation of our Traceology® system for our Brand customers.

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