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    Explorer: The NEW polycarbonate data page from De La Rue

    De La Rue is committed to advancing the security of polycarbonate identity documents, and our Explorer polycarbonate data page is designed to inspire you with the next generation of design and security features possible for passport bio-data pages and polycarbonate ID cards.


    De La Rue's polycarbonate identity card and data pages can be designed to incorporate proven security features such as DOVIDs, security print and OVI. More recent innovations such as secure complex windows and interlaced security threads add new challenges for counterfeiters. Each feature is highly secure, tamper-resistant and difficult to replicate. When integrated into a polycarbonate identity card or passport data page they become virtually irreversibly embedded into the construction, producing effective tools in the fight against counterfeiting, fraud and identity theft.

    Explorer web graphic for download

    Our Explorer polycarbonate bio-data page is the result of a rigorous design process. We hope you enjoy discovering the journey from initial concept and early iterations through to the final design outlined here.

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    Thank-you to Linxens Group, 4Plate GmbH, Melzer GmbH and Dai Naippon Printing Co. Ltd for the respective supply of chip inlays, tactile feature plates, lamination belt and DOVIDs that made “The Explorer” possible.



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