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    Within a passport, the top target for counterfeit attack is the bio data information. De La Rue helps State and Commercial Security printers and providers protect this critical document holder information through our secure, sophisticated and proven ID components. Whether through the use of a secure substrate like Polycarbonate or the addition of a holographic laminate or patch for paper data pages, De La Rue helps to protect against the risk of alteration to the genuine holder’s details.

    Next Generation Polycarbonate

    The trend in polycarbonate as a secure and adaptable substrate continues to increase in popularity, with over 50 countries now opting for a polycarbonate solution to protect the bio-data page within their passports. At De La Rue we believe that it is now time to introduce the next generation of polycarbonate features, that keep passport issuers ahead of the counterfeiter and ensure choice and flexibility of page design.


    Australian passport


    A huge strength of polycarbonate is the ability to create modular feature combinations within and upon the substrate construction to create a unique and highly secure national document. Alongside features you would expect to see in a polycarbonate datapage such as windows, optically variable inks, holograms, tactile surface embossing and Multi Laser Imaging (MLI), De La Rue has developed a range of next generation features.

    DLR Fibre Hinge

    De La Rue has developed a unique woven hinge that is highly durable, flexible and secure. If page removal is attempted it will unravel and be immediately tamper evident, but its durability ensures it will last the lifetime of a passport. Further UV threads can be included in the woven design. Aesthetically almost any colour is available to marry to the print design of the passport book and datapage.


    Fringe Hinge


    DLR Woven Thread

    Designed to protect the front or back of the datapage De La Rue has developed a unique solution which weaves a secure holographic thread through the polycarbonate construction. As an expert in thread design and development, De La Rue offers a range of design and width options. 
    De La Rue produces polycarbonate from our centre of excellence in Malta. Our world-class clean room meets ISO14644 standards for controlled environments, along with our automated process resulting in the highest quality products and the essential reduction in any potential contamination.



    Our advanced bio-data page solution ensures multi-layered protection against the threat of counterfeit and fraud. Fused under immense heat and pressure, our polycarbonate design solution can incorporate a broad range of security components, including optically variable inks, holograms and tactile surface embossing.

    Holographic Laminates

    The ICAO 9303 document specifications recommend a holographic element should be used to protect the bio-data page of all passports to avoid counterfeit attack. This is because of the range and versatility of optical feature effects that holography can provide, from Fresnels to rainbow iridescence and kinetic animation to stereograms. The ability to combine these effects across HRI and metalised areas ensure that the data behind the hologram remains protected but can still be easily authenticated.



    De La Rue has been a global leader in secure classical ‘rainbow’ holography since the early 1990s. In line with the changing needs of the market we have innovatively evolved our capabilities and processes. Using a combination of both design and effects based imaging, De La Rue has developed a direct-write holographic imaging platform, which enables new, distinguished effects with higher brightness, preferred for use in transparent holographic laminates present in most passports.

    Used in their own right, or in combination these origination platforms provide De La Rue with a unique proposition to the market which is secure, engaging and cutting edge.


    Security Print and Gemini™

    Security print remains a crucial element of all highly secure ID documents. The ability to combine beautiful design with extremely secure elements in the print is an art form in itself and requires a unique skillset, from design through to manufacturing. Gemini™ our specialist print security feature, appears as a single colour under normal daylight but transforms into two separate fluorescent colours when under UV light. Gemini™ enhances the overall security of the token by increasing the complexity of design as a defence against any attempted reproduction or counterfeit of the feature. It is quick to authenticate by trained users and border control inspectors when viewed under a UV light source.



    Highly suitable for use across a variety of identity documents and especially effective when used in conjunction with other features on the bio-data page, observation page and / or end pages of a passport as these are the areas that are typically under the greatest threat of attack.

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