The Central Bank of Solomon Islands launches third denomination in the new banknote family designed and printed by De La Rue

Friday 20 January 2017- A new $20 designed and printed in close collaboration with De La Rue has been launched by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands. This is the third denomination of the new family of notes following the $50 and $100 launched previously.

The overall theme of the note is the islands’ rich cultural heritage. On the front of the note, the abstract pattern work is based on a geometrical design and represents the swirling movement of shoals of fish whilst images portraying traditional panpipes and ceremonial island dancing are shown on the back. 

The bold purple colour is complemented by the colour shifting red-green StarChrome® thread which has been described as the best-selling premium security thread in the world.  

On the occasion of the launch of the new $20, the Governor of the Central Bank of the Solomon Islands Denton Rarawa commented “We are delighted to be issuing this third note in our new series and thank De La Rue for their continued help as we bring our new banknotes into circulation”.

De La Rue’s Global Account Director Ruth Euling said ”Our relationship with the Solomon Islands began exactly 100 years ago this year and we are honoured to be working with the Central Bank still as they issue this third note of their new bright and vibrant banknote series”.


StarChrome® is a registered trademark of De La Rue International Limited


For information:

Clare Lloyd Williams

Marketing Communications Manager, Currency

Tel: +44 (0) 1256 605000


About De La Rue:

De La Rue’s purpose is to enable every citizen to participate securely in the global economy. As a trusted partner of governments, central banks and commercial organisations, De La Rue provides products and services that underpin the integrity of trade, personal identity and the movement of goods.

As the world’s largest designer and commercial printer of banknotes, De La Rue designs, manufactures and delivers banknotes, banknote substrates and security features to customers in a world where currency will continue to be a key part of the developing payments eco-system. De La Rue is the only fully integrated supplier of both paper and polymer banknotes, and creates security features that ensure banknotes are protected against counterfeiting.

De La Rue is the world’s largest commercial printer of passports, delivering national and international identity tokens and software solutions for governments in a world that is increasingly focused on the importance of a legal and secure identity for every individual.

De La Rue also creates and delivers secure product identifiers and ‘track and trace’ software for governments and commercial customers alike to help to tackle the challenge of illicit or counterfeit goods and the collection of revenue and excise duties.

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About The Central Bank of Solomon Islands:                                                     

Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) was established in February 1983 under the Central Bank of Solomon Islands Act 1976 which was amended in 1985 to, amongst other things, strengthen the Bank’s supervisory capabilities and expand its central banking functions.  Besides being charged with the responsibility of acting as Banker to the Government and Commercial Banks, the Central Bank, as agent for the Government, is responsible for conducting monetary policy.

For further information, please contact The Central Bank of Solomon Islands at 

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