De La Rue’s work on protecting FIFA’s merchandise for the women’s world cup featured in Securing Industry magazine

As De La Rue showcases its licensing programme for the FIFA World Cup that stretches back to 2006 and includes this year’s recent Women’s World Cup, they talk to Securing Industries magazine about best practice in brand protection and how businesses can safeguard against the ever growing threat of counterfeit and illicit trade.

With counterfeits accounting for an estimated 3.3% of all global trade according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and set to be valued at $1.7trn in 2020, causing damage to market share, revenue and reputations De La Rue recommends brand protection should be viewed as a critical business concern and top priority for the C-suite of any company.

In the article, Jerome Pichot, Head of Product Marketing for Authentication and Traceability at De La Rue shares his thoughts on nine core brand protection principles including thinking of the counterfeiter as a competitor, strong internal and external collaboration and using end consumers as a first line of defence.

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