Botswana P10 is the first live note with new Gemini™ design variants

The Bank of Botswana launched their new polymer banknote earlier this year, the first circulating note with Gemini™ Microtext.

A new 10 Pula was designed in collaboration with De La Rue and is on their Safeguard® polymer substrate.

The Bank of Botswana announced their decision to introduce a new 10 Pula on polymer to help increase durability of the banknote in circulation. Working closely with De La Rue, the current banknote design has remained in keeping with the current bank note series.

The introduction of polymer has enabled advanced security features to be incorporated, including MASK™, a complex design variant of Gemini™ and Tactile Emboss – a feature designed to aid the visually impaired identify the denomination. 

Gemini™ is one of the most widely used level 2 security print features having been used by over 45 issuing authorities on over 150 denominations. The combination of two colour matched inks that fluoresce under UV illumination as different colours, printed in tight tolerances, provides enhanced counterfeit protect over standard UV fluorescent features.

Building on the synergy of its design and manufacturing capabilities De La Rue developed three new Gemini™ Design Variants that were launched at Currency Conference 2017. The 10 Pula uses Gemini™ – Microtext, through careful design integration this complex print feature is hidden under normal light but revealed under UV illumination. The Bank’s name lights up blue and yellow under UV in microtext, seamlessly integrated into the banknote design.



Safeguard® is a registered trademark of De La Rue International Limited

Gemini™ is a trade mark of De La Rue International Limited

MASK™ is a trade mark of De La Rue International Limited

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