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    De La Rue Authentication, Financial and Secure Products

    As a trusted partner to governments, central banks and commercial organisations, De La Rue delivers products and services that enable citizens and businesses to participate in the global economy. 

    Our Nairobi Factory

    Our Nairobi facility is our Centre of Excellence for financial and secure products. De La Rue has been working in Kenya for over 25 years and is immensely proud of the relationship and history it has developed with the Kenyan people and their government.

    The Nairobi facility is a Joint Venture with the Kenyan government and produces financial cards and cheque books, together with a wide range of other security documents and was the first in the region to be accredited for Visa personalisation, and has recently invested in the latest chip & pin and contactless smart technology and capabilities.

    The facility, which holds the highest security accreditation (ISO14298 CB), is one of only a few banknote level security printers with a truly Pan-African presence.

    Our Products and Security Print

    De La Rue employs around 300 people locally and supplies both the domestic African market as well as export markets. With more than 25 years’ experience in this sector and producing 60 million financial cards and cheques per year, De La Rue is the regional market leader with major banking customers in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda.

    Other security products include food vouchers that are supplied for the United Nations World Food Programme and form an important part of this crucial regional initiative.

    Security print remains a crucial element of all highly secure documents, across all cards, cheques, certificates and vouchers. The ability to combine beautiful design with extremely secure elements in the print is an art form in itself and requires a unique skillset, from design through to manufacturing.



    Our Security Holograms

    De La Rue PURE™ Holograms are regularly used to protect Financial and Secure Documents. We select the best technologies for your requirements from our extensive portfolio of security features and employ complex holographic origination and production processes that are not available to counterfeiters. Working closely with our customers we can ensure that their programme remains ahead of any threat.

    Our hot stamping holographic foils can be applied to a multitude of substrates and once applied the foil becomes part of the product, so it is impossible to remove the hologram without damaging the foil. 

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