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    De La Rue Authentication solutions

    De La Rue specialise in authentication solutions and that are reliable, adaptable, and rapid to implement to protect revenue and reputations.

    For a wide range of business and governmental applications, De La Rue offers comprehensive traceability software which together with physical security token and documents, make our expertise in preventing illicit and counterfeit trade world class.

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    Our Solutions

    Government Revenue Solutions

    Modern tax stamp schemes provide, generate and secure excise revenues and protect citizens from dangerous illicit product. Through our DLR Certify™ platform De La Rue offers a range of modular solutions that can be quickly deployed and provide Tax Authorities with an independent outlook, control, audit and data analytics over the movement of legitimate product.

    We work with all stakeholders to develop cost-effective solutions, including mobile apps for field agents to authenticate and trace legitimate trade, and for consumers to verify the products they purchase.

    Our Digital Tax Stamp solutions are compliant with the requirements of the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention of Tobacco Control, Illicit Trade Protocol and operate by linking unique identifiers to products, enabling the full traceability of genuine goods and collection of tax revenues.

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    We can also help you if you need an FCTC compliant tax stamp scheme

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    Brand Protection Solutions

    Brand protection now  demands authentication solutions that not only help a business defend its reputation and revenue, but also enable meaningful consumer interactions and build consumer trust. 

    The technology and physical products offered by De La Rue provide exceptional  levels of counterfeit prevention that extend far into the supply chain and beyond the consumer experience.

    The most secure serialised tokens in the world are combined with digital features from De La Rue's modular solutions to enable the authentication, monitoring, and global product tracking of your products. 

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    We can help and guide you to the right Brand Protection solution, whatever challenges you face. 

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    ID Security Solutions

    Within a passport or on an ID card, the top target for counterfeit attack is the bio data information.

    De La Rue offers highly innovative ID solutions, features and effects for polycarbonate and holographic laminates. Our modular design approach means that they can be developed as complete ID datapage solutions or integrated within an existing ID document to safeguard this vital personal data and protect against the risk of alteration to the genuine holder’s details. 

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    Are you a state manufacturer looking for bold, new polycarbonate features?

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