De La Rue is voted a Superbrand!

Defined as having established the finest reputation in its field, a Superbrand offers customers significant emotional and tangible advantages over its competitors, which customers want and recognise.

An elite among business brands

De La Rue is delighted to announce it has been voted a ‘Superbrand’ - officially named as one of the UK’s strongest business-to-business brands by a council made up of UK business professionals and branding experts. They evaluate brands against quality, reliability and distinction - as well as positioning and perception.

The De La Rue brand has long been recognised as one of the company’s most valuable assets - it is a huge honour to be acknowledged by Superbrands as being amongst an elite set of the strongest business brands today.

What makes a superbrand?

The superbrands organisation identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands throughout the world, evaluating the following three key criteria;

  • Quality: Does the brand provide quality products and services?
  • Reliability: Can the brand be trusted to deliver consistently?
  • Distinction: Is it well known in its sector and suitably different from its rivals?

Additionally, brand perception, the brand’s current profile, latest marketing activities and any new product and service developments are also taken into account, giving a holistic picture of how each brand is perceived.

Other recognised Superbrands in this year’s survey include: Apple, British Airways, MasterCard, Google, Microsoft and Visa.

Superbrands Annual 2019

An insight into some of Britain’s strongest brands

A selection of identified Superbrands are celebrated in the Superbrands Annual. Each featured brand is allocated a double page spread that explores the history, development and achievements of the nation’s leading brands, showcasing why they are well-regarded and providing valuable insights into each brand’s strategy and proposition.

About Superbrands

The Business Superbrands survey has been tracking the perception of a wide-range of business brands in the UK since 2001. Superbrands are identified annually through an extensive and robust research process that measures the equity of thousands of brands and businesses - with all the key players in each sector nominated to be voted on.

This year’s survey evaluated just under 1,600 brands across 63 categories from ‘Accountancy & Business Services’ to ‘Waste Management & Recycling.’ Only the most highly-regarded brands from each category are awarded Superbrand status.

The research process was managed by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA) in partnership with Dynata, one of the world’s leading data research companies. It follows a voting process involving 2,500 UK business professionals, supplemented by an expert council comprising 24 senior business-to-business marketing leaders.