State Manufacturing and Direct Sales

Supporting the State Manufacturing Sector

In many countries responsibility for printing the local currency, passports and tax stamps sits with state-run manufacturers. To operate efficiently, the sector must be able to respond to the changing global and local context in which they operate. With a third of the world’s adult population unbanked, 1 in 3 children under 5 lacking a legal identity and an increase in counterfeit products state manufacturers need to:

  • Support their customer – the state, by delivering real value for money
  • Protect and enhance their national reputation by ensuring products are secure and counterfeit-resistant
  • Run an efficient and effective operation to minimise waste and maximise value for money
  • Use products that are high in quality and security

Why De La Rue is the Right Partner

What you need What we offer How we’ve done it…

Durable, highly secure and high quality products that can be produced to help outsource production

Backnote Paper

Best of breed products and services


world’s largest commercial printer
  • Portals De La Rue 10,000 tonnes of banknote paper, around half of which is used by De La Rue (in printing around 7bn banknotes every year). The rest is provided to the state manufacturing sector and other banknote manufacturers
  • We produce high security paper for 30m passports every year
  • Our polymer substrate offering (SafeGuard®) is growing rapidly and now provides a real choice as customers consider moving to Polymer
  • We produce 2m km of security thread and 250,000km of holograms
  • Our security print business produces nearly 1.2bn individual documents

Leverage industry expertise and design knowledge and skillsets


A consultative approach and end to end support


Increase Skill

We produce over 11,000 tonnes of banknote
  • Every year we design banknotes for around 40 countries, and have won 14 industry awards since 2007. Our 2015 design for the UK passport is also award winning
  • We work with our customers to help them deploy our Operational Excellence tools and techniques into their operation

A partner who supports long term success

Performance Culture

Strategic Partnership

We produce over 3m kms of thread every year
  • We work in strategic partnership with the Bank Of England to meet their print needs
  • We work with the state sector around the world
  • We have a track record of building joint ventures – our joint venture in Sri Lanka has just celebrated its 30th anniversary

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