De La Rue Authentication Solutions

    At De La Rue, we are dedicated to the fight against counterfeiting, illicit trade, and diversion. We specialize in providing the tools and expertise to support brand reputation and safety.

    By integrating Izon® technology into labels or packaging, De La Rue can help protect your brand authenticity and supply chain. Our highly secure anti-counterfeit solutions are built from a rich 200 year heritage of security printing expertise. With a complete portfolio of overt, covert and digital technologies, our product selection includes but is not limited to tamper evident seals and closures, tracking solutions to prevent diversion, and secure authentication labels.


    Izon® | Simple. Intuitive. Secure.

    For brand owners who need the most secure, visual anti-counterfeit technology available.



    Izon® anti-counterfeiting technology enables quick and easy visual verification of product authenticity through multiple layers of security features. Using proprietary photopolymer developed specifically for Izon® paired with proprietary 3D imaging technology, Izon® is the most secure authentication technology available.



    Offering an enhanced consumer experience and invaluable insight for brand owners.


    TraceologyAs a compliment to Izon®, Traceology™ provides peace of mind and the verification proof  that your brand has not been compromised anywhere along your distribution chain.  Our proprietary eVerification solution can also provide vital product information, such as part number, manufacturing date or location, or links to customized information such as registration and warranty.

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    Business Announcement:

    On 6th of January 2017 the
    DuPont Authentication business, including Izon® and Traceology® product lines, transferred ownership to De La Rue and is now in operation under its new name of
    De La Rue Authentication Solutions

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