Product Authentication

Illicit Trade is a Major Global Issue That Needs to be Addressed

The total value of counterfeit and pirated goods in 2015 was estimated to be US$1.77 trillion. The consequences of illicit trade are far reaching and damaging for society; stunting socio-economic growth, risking citizens’ health, fueling criminal activity and damaging brand reputations. To combat illicit trade the authenticity of products needs to be guaranteed from source to consumption.

This means that governments, consumers and business require:

  • Full revenue flow from sale of products
  • Compliance with national and international legislation
  • Brand protection
  • Confidence in purchasing decisions

Product Authentication

Our Solution

  • De La Rue defines and delivers self-funding high-revenue generating programmes. These in turn can be used to fund improved infrastructure programmes and investment into a country
  • We recognise that each government and brand owner faces an individual set of challenges, which is why we create bespoke solutions to meet your requirements. We bring a comprehensive understanding of international legislation and best-in-class working standards to support the construction of your high-excise roadmaps
  • Together we establish the foundations for compliance with international legislation. Subject to enforcement, this would begin to close your revenue gap whilst preparing for your national adoption of international regulations
  • Our philosophy is to engage all stakeholders from the start because truly successful schemes only thrive when everyone recognises their benefits from the scheme. We take time to consult with each and every stakeholder to understand their needs and ensure that they are invested in the success of the programme
  • In the fight against corruption it is vital to lead by example. We place the highest ethical standards and transparency at the core of our revenue programmes

Why De La Rue is the Right Partner

What you need What we offer How we’ve done it

A solution that meets your unique requirements

Solution Requirements

A strategic partnership approach built upon collaboration

Commercial Customers
  • We have experience in providing high-excise services to +30 countries
  • We have over 40 years of consistent active partnership with some of our commercial customers

Closure of your revenue gap


We build self-funding revenue schemes with you

  • We are the only fully end to end integrated provider of tax stamp solutions
Closure of your revenue gap

To maintain positive relations with your existing large tax payers


A track record of proven stakeholder engagement

  • Our solutions are already deployed within the operations of the world’s largest 4 tobacco companies
 largest 4 tobacco companies

Comprehensive project management and risk mitigation


Global experience in implementing multiple high-excise schemes

Performance Culture
  • De La Rue is currently amongst the largest providers of tax stamp solutions worldwide
  • We have provided Government Revenue services for over 153 years
Stamp Solutions Worldwide

Future proofed solutions


World leading experts in international legislation and its practice

Authorities around the world
  • We provide expert witness testimonies and support to Authorities around the world
  • We advise, consult and are a major stakeholder in the formation of global policies and regulations

Reassurance and peace of mind

Global Perception

We only do business to the highest ethical standards

Ethical Approach
Stamp Solutions
  • We are the only supplier of tax stamp solutions to be fully accredited and operate to ISO14298, 27001 and 9001

Case Study


Proving the legitimacy of products is a key challenge for modern businesses faced with ever more sophisticated counterfeiting operations. De La Rue has been helping Microsoft ensure customers purchase genuine product through the creation of secure label designs which combine attractive visuals with state of the art security features for over 20 years. Once a label is in circulation, De La Rue supports Microsoft in tracking it around the world, helping maintain product integrity.

Product Authentication and the State Manufacturing Sector

Using our global insight and experience, we offer best of breed products and services, consulting and practical support to the state manufacturing sector.

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