DLR DesignTM



The art of intaglio engraving is a tradition that remains the cornerstone of banknotes and security products. We use state-of-the-art digital engraving technology to capture your chosen imagery, with a technique that embodies the authentic, tactile nature of security printing.

Our world-class Engravers work closely with customers and designers to translate the reference materials into high quality engravings with artistic excellence and manufacturability. The team carefully augments the depth profiles of the engravings to optimise ink retention, ensuring maximum intaglio machine throughput with minimal wastage.

Engravings are optimised for your chosen substrate on both polymer and paper, and we can supply you with either hand-drawn artwork or digital files for your chosen origination methods.

Whether as part of a full design and origination contract, or as a bespoke stand-alone portrait or vignette, we offer our customers a modular, end-to-end engraving service.

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