DLR DesignTM

ADAPT™ (Advanced Design and Prototyping Technology)


Engaged by over 150 countries globally, our understanding of true design for manufacture is key to our philosophy. Our ADAPT™ service enables the customer to review their existing or concept design and optimise it for manufacturing efficiency, which minimises risk, reduces waste and provides peace of mind.

We operate a robust quality assurance framework, along with robust systems of verification and validation, that enables us to reliably and repeatedly deliver the highest quality, functionally compliant products to our customers.

Dynamic risk assessments are central to the work of Design Operations. Our technical experts systematically scrutinise every job from the start of the design process, through origination, to final proof – verifying that all work fully complies with design rules and technical specifications for products. In parallel, quality assurance checks are built into every stage of the Technical Design process.

An ethos of continuous improvement is embedded within our team. We constantly update our suite of quality assurance tools — using production feedback from every project, across all of our sites — and routinely evaluate and incorporate best-practice tools from external manufacturing environments to optimise and enhance our processes.

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