International Identity and Border Control

The question of how to secure international borders has never been more critical. Our world’s population is predicted to increase to 11.2 billion people by 2100 and this coupled with trends in travel, migration and global security threats puts border control at the front of the international agenda.

The Needs of Citizens and Governments

The Needs of Citizens and Governments


Our Role

De La Rue designs, assembles and produces Machine Readable Passports (MRPs), ePassports and Visa documents alongside a complete digital identity management data solution. We also manage the underlying customer to enable the secure enrolment and issuance of documents to citizens, meeting all International Identity and Border Control requirements.

Machine Readable Passport Machine Readable Passport

We are the world’s largest manufacturer of passports, printing over 15 million books each year. Our nationally iconic designs, including HM Passport Office have won awards and we have proven experience in supporting our partners in the transition from Machine Readable to ePassports including Malta, Cameroon and Sierra Leone.

What we offer

De La Rue will provide you with an end to end managed service to deliver your Machine Readable Passport needs:

  • World class security features and paper quality
  • Iconic design
  • Planning and preparation to meet citizen demand
  • Roadmap and business case to evolve to more digital forms of ID
  • Delivery of additional services – including Visa Solutions

Machine Readable Passport


 ePassport ePassport

Our expertise

ePassports enable you to drive the highest levels of border security and we have delivered one of the world’s most secure ePassports for HM Passport Office. We also make ePassports for the UN, Bahamas, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Malta. With award-winning design capability, global centres of manufacturing excellence and the ability to influence key bodies that set standards globally we are uniquely placed to be your trusted partner in delivering the quality and security you need.

What we offer

De La Rue will provide you with an end to end managed service to deliver your ePassport needs:

  • Document production and integration of security features
  • Comprehensive encryption and encoding
  • Production of iconic and secure ePassport books
  • Planning and preparation to meet citizen demand
  • Relentless focus on Operational Excellence to maximise efficiency and minimise waste
  • Visa Solutions are also available



 Personalisation Personalisation

Our expertise

Using our proven data and personalisation platform, we issue 35 secure identity documents every minute and have installed solutions in almost 60 locations around the globe.

What we offer

We provide you with a complete data and process management platform for your personalisation & issuance needs, including:

  • Open architecture integration
  • Flexible, modular workflow
  • Stand-alone or integrated solution
  • Rapid installation and configuration
  • Fully functional suite of modules enabling citizen centric database management, enrolment, verification, personalisation, issuance, audit and control



Consultancy Consultancy

Our expertise

We manage secure data for the world’s most secure passport – HM Passport Office and engage subject matter experts with global experience and local expertise. Working to the standards and goals set out by the UN we aim to deliver a secure and legal identity for every citizen on the planet.

What we offer

De La Rue will analyse your key data sets and data rules to identify:

  • The level of duplication of records
  • The path to secure citizen centric data across traditional and biometric data sets
  • The processes and procedures you will need to implement a citizen-centric data strategy


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