Citizen Identity

The Importance of Identity

The World Bank predicts there will be 11.2 billion people on the planet by 2100. Growth at this rate, combined with the social and economic challenges brought about by increased global travel, migration and security threats highlights the need for every person globally to have a legal and secure identity.

For citizens and governments it means:

  • Having the ability to prove existence and gain access to critical services
  • The freedom and mobility to move across national and international borders
  • A more secure society, underpinned by authentic data
  • The ability to effectively manage national resources
  • Providing for social development and inclusion in society


  • Freedom, entitlement, enablement, participation in society
  • Ability to prove their existence, access entitled rights and services, freedom and mobility


  • Grow society, protect citizens and borders, guarantee inclusion, social inclusion and fairness
  • Security of society, effective management of national resources, social development and inclusion, protect national reputation
Citizen Identity

Our Solution

Our Solution

We believe that a legal and secure identity is the foundation that enables secure participation within society and the wider global economy and that authentic data is key to the success of any identity management solution. We work with our customers to:

  • Deliver high quality production of passport books and identity solutions including an award winning design service and wide range of security features that can be combined to meet your specific needs
  • Provide a bespoke data and insight service to facilitate socio-economic planning. We recognise that data must be unique to each individual, captured at the earliest opportunity to ensure integrity and able to be used to create and secure both physical and digital tokens
  • Create a roadmap to further digitalisation and enhanced e-government services, recognising the need to work towards globally consistent standards for data matching and token security across all regions and travel types

Why De La Rue is the Right Partner

What you need What we offer How we’ve done it…

Peace of mind through authentic data and world class security standards


The most secure passport and national identity services and complete identity data management solutions. Delivered through a range of world class security features that can be combined to create a bespoke solution in partnership with you

  • We print over 15 million passport books each year
  • De La Rue provides the UK’s Passport which is underpinned by the complex and secure infrastructure essential to maintain the integrity of the service and the resilience of the document
  • We hold the highest possible security accreditations in the industry
Citizen End To End

Access to a breadth of design knowledge and expertise


Highly sophisticated nationally iconic designs

Local Passport Tableicon
  • Award winning design consultancy service with a 100 year heritage providing a breadth and depth of experience across this specialist area
Citizen Single Platform

Roadmap planning and maximisation of existing investment

Performance Culture

End to end capability to design, manufacture, personalise and deliver across any token type with open software architecture ready for collaboration

Cash Supply Chain Row

  • We design a complete data and process management platform for your personalisation and issuance needs
  • Based on open standards to ensure the latest innovations can be integrated
  • Our single platform architecture is already in use across the globe including the UK
Citizen Working Partnership

A partner who provides documents with the integrity to reinforce national reputation


We partner with you throughout the lifetime of your programme to ensure long term success

Citizen Identity

  • We have a proven track record in blending global deployment, local skills and partnerships with over 100 years of experience in identity management
  • We support you in the launch and on-going success of your solution with local education and awareness programmes
Citizen Comprehensive Partnership

Case Study

HM Passport Office

De La Rue provides the UK’s Passport which is underpinned by the complex and secure infrastructure essential to maintain the integrity of the service and the resilience of the document.

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Citizen Identity and the State Manufacturing Sector

Using our global insight and experience, we offer best of breed products and services, consulting and practical support to the state manufacturing sector.

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