Security Features

Our Expertise

We take our role in creating highly secure banknotes incredibly seriously. We are constantly developing new tools and techniques to win the fight against counterfeit – offering a range of solutions which will meet the challenges your nation faces.

What We Offer

  • A range of features appropriate for the varying needs of different issuing authorities, circulating environments, security requirements and denominations: From premium security threads like Active™, Kinetic StarChrome® and Optiks™ through to colour shifting threads and holographic features which may suit a wider range of denominations
  • A strong track record of successfully integrating features into a finished note and making features commercially available to third parties
  • We are recognised as the Global experts in counterfeit detection and play a key role in training the industry through our acclaimed Advanced Banknote Manager Course
  • We invest heavily in R&D to deliver next generation features that meet our customers’ needs

Security Features

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