The Cash Cycle Partnership is the community of DLR Analytics™ users. It’s a supportive forum that gives you access to webinars, conferences, global trends and insight.


Joining the Cash Cycle Partnership

As part of our community you can join monthly webinars, as well as raise questions and start discussions on the Cash Cycle Partnership app/webpage. We will share global and regional trends and insight as they become available. You will also be eligible to attend our annual members’ seminar in the UK (dates for our 2019 seminar to be finalised).

Access to monthly webinars

Access to annual seminars

Online user group and app

Analytical support available for questions relating to the cash cycle, forecasting and banknote lifetimes

Access to aggregated and anonymised data showing global and regional trends

Opportunities for discussion with other central banks to help with specific challenges or areas of interest

Data Visibility

Interaction and collaboration

We do not share the names of any central banks who have joined the Cash Cycle Partnership, but you will get maximum benefit from your membership by interacting and collaborating with other users of DLR Analytics™. However, you can use DLR Analytics™ anonymously for the purpose of the trial and beyond if you so choose.

Users of the Cash Cycle Partnership app will be able to see other users of the app and we will welcome you when you start using the app.

When you register for webinars only we will see who has registered but if you ask questions during the webinar this will be visible to others who have joined.

Users who attend a Cash Cycle Partnership seminar will meet other users.

How to get started

Request a free demo for DLR Analytics™

Setting up your DLR Analytics™ account is quick and easy. Arrange a demo to
see how DLR Analytics™ can help you and then set up your account.

Access to analytics experts

Meet the experts

Membership in our Cash Cycle Partnership gives you access to our team of analytics experts.

Doug Brooks

Business Development Director, Currency Solutions

Doug is a Market Strategist, Business Development Lead and Solution Evangelist for DLR Analytics™. He has a wealth of experience in market strategy and development in highly technical industries, most recently in the field of currency management.

Mark Crickett


Mark has over 30 years’ experience with De La Rue, having held a variety of positions in the marketing and sales side of the currency business. His specialist areas include demand forecasting, new security feature development, the economics of banknote manufacture and alternative payment systems.

Dr. Nikki Strickland

Product Marketing Manager - Analytics

Nikki has overall responsibility for the DLR Analytics™ Service within De La Rue. She has 12 years experience of driving innovation, new product development and standardisation, working in marketing functions and development functions.

Emma Grey

Product Line Manager - Analytics

Emma looks after the day-to-day running of our DLR Analytics™ service, as well as working with the De La Rue software team to develop the next generations of the service. She has supported many central banks with their data collection and getting started with DLR Analytics™.

Cash cycle partnership seminar 2018

Agenda from CCP2018

The Cash Cycle Partnership

Our first Cash Cycle Partnership Seminar was held at De La Rue’s Head Office in February 2018. Global and regional trends and specific insights were shared during the seminar, based on a snapshot of data in the software taken at the end of December 2017.

Key topics included:

  • Global and regional trends in the volume and value of cash in circulation
  • Factors influencing banknote lifetimes
  • Circulation velocity trends and considerations for different cash cycle models
  • Banknote demand forecasting and how DLR Analytics™ can help

April 2019

Sign up for CCP2019

Join us for a two-day seminar to review and discuss the trends and insights emerging from the DLR Analytics™ data. We’ll focus on:

  • Impact of denominational value and regional variations on banknote lifetimes
  • Forecasting
  • The cash cycle
  • How external factors impact cash in circulation

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