DLR Analytics™ gives central banks the tools they need to make 
 evidence-based decisions for a better-managed, more efficient 
 and more cost-effective cash cycle. 

Award-winning service by De La Rue:
Why DLR Analytics™?

Cash cycle challenges

Increasingly, central banks are facing pressure to provide transparency and quantify their decision-making. Something that’s easier said than done with traditional methods of cash cycle management.


How DLR Analytics™ helps

Informed decision-making

Say goodbye to educated guesswork. DLR Analytics™ gives you the data-driven insights to quantify the decisions your bank makes.

Cash cycle visibility

Better understand how changes will affect your cash cycle, the life of your notes and the reasons for any failure in circulation.

Accurate demand forecasting

Advanced statistical methods and forensic analysis give you unprecedented visibility of your cash cycle, so you can accurately forecast demand.

A standardised approach

DLR Analytics™ gives you a standardised mathematical approach and language for better knowledge exchange and benchmarking.

A supportive community

When you sign up to DLR Analytics™ you’ll automatically become a member of the Cash Cycle Partnership, a community of users.

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Data security guaranteed

We know data security is essential and we guarantee that your data within DLR Analytics™ is secure.

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Best Currency Technology Provider

Central Banking Awards 2018

Read how DLR Analytics helped us to win the Central Banking FinTech RegTech Global Award for Best Currency Technology Provider in 2018.

How it works

DLR Analytics™ translates your existing data into insight you can action.

Using advanced statistical analysis tools, DLR Analytics™ gives you the insight you need to help you answer your most-asked questions, make better-informed decisions and dramatically improve your cash cycle. Simply add your cash cycle data to the portal every month and DLR Analytics™ will generate your tailored reports. 


DLR Analytics™ helps you:

  • Quantify banknote lifetimes and monitor trends over time 
  • Understand the factors impacting your banknote lifetimes
  • Forecast your future banknote demand and model the impact of various scenarios
  • Make a better decision about whether a change of substrate is right for you

You’ll get:

  • Mathematical models that have been carefully selected and proven to be useful for central banks wanting to understand their cash cycle
  • Standardised reporting 
  • Descriptive statistics tables
  • Charts and graphs for key cash cycle metrics
Analytics in Action

Explore the insights DLR Analytics™ offers

We have a selection of analysis examples that demonstrate the insight Data Analytics can provide for our users.

Global Fitness Standards Project

Accurately determine your fitness standards and benchmark your performance

Learn how we capture banknote measurements to give you a detailed report of your own fitness standards and aggregated and anonymised global standards for comparison.

New Forecasting Toolkit

Transform your data into banknote demand

Discover how our toolkit helps you forecast banknote demand using just your aggregated monthly data – no extra data required.

How to get started

Request a free demo for DLR Analytics™

Setting up your DLR Analytics™ account is quick and easy. Arrange a demo to
see how DLR Analytics™ can help you and then set up your account.

Discover our Community

Make the most of DLR Analytics™ by joining the community

Once you’ve signed up to DLR Analytics™, you’ll automatically become a member of the Cash Cycle Partnership, a supportive community of DLR Analytics™ users.


Tap into global and regional trends

As a Cash Cycle Partnership member, you’ll get access to aggregated, anonymised data which shows global and regional trends and norms, the impact of historical changes and a review of how external factors affect overall performance


You’ll also get:

Monthly webinars
Access to the online user group and members’ app
Annual seminars
Analytical support for questions about your cash cycle
Free Resources

Browse the Insight Papers and Resources Library

Issue 1

What’s happening to the volume and value of CIC?

Analytical insights into the cash supply chain.

Issue 2

An external perspective on digital currencies

What are digital currencies, crypto currencies and virtual currencies?


Introducing Forecasting and D-Metric

Learn how in-depth forecasting can help ensure you have the right levels and denominations of notes in stock.


How are my features wearing?

Assess how current features are performing by contacting the DLR Analytics™ team about their bespoke sorter analytics.

What our customers say

Industry endorsement

70 central banks use DLR Analytics™

Over 70 central banks are trying a better approach with DLR Analytics™, which has recently been awarded the Central Banking Award for Consultancy, and Advisory Provider of the year (currency management)

“Analytics has given us a whole new dimension to our role: we can easily extract the information we require from Analytics and interpret the graphical illustrations. Interacting with the system adds value to what we are currently doing.”

Daniel Haridi, Chief Manager of Currency and the Banking Operations Department at Central Bank of Solomon Islands

DLR Analytics™ provides central banks with an invaluable way of forecasting the future demand for cash – an issue ever-more prevalent, given the rise of digital payments.”

“The model comes in handy to assess the life expectancy and manage the stocks. It is very useful to plan and reorder quantities.”

Ravi Kamoda, Currency Manager at the Reserve Bank of Fiji

DLR Analytics™ allows you to see trends in other countries that are in the same situation as you or further on down the line.”

Peter Balke, Senior Policy Adviser at the Netherlands Bank

“The software shows that we can derive substantial value from simpler aggregated data, reducing the costs for central banks investigating their cash’s lifecycle.”

Christopher Jeffery, Chairman of the Central Banking Awards Committee and Editor-in-Chief of Central Banking

Our Credentials

De La Rue’s experience in analytics

An extension of your in-house analytics team or an alternative viewpoint for central banks

40 years
40 years’ experience of collecting and analysing statistical data which has developed into a range of world-leading analytical and forecasting techniques

70+ banks
70+ central banks are already using DLR Analytics™

Currently providing design, counterfeit analysis and public editions support to central banks across the globe

DLR Analytics™ was awarded the 2018 Central Banking Award for Consultancy and Advisory Provider of the Year (Currency Management)

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