Cash Processing Solutions Ltd (CPS) a De La Rue Strategic Partner

Cash Processing Solutions Ltd

Our expertise

Cash Processing Solutions Ltd (CPS), a strategic partner of De La Rue, is a global provider of an integrated range of hardware and software solutions, consultancy and support services to the cash processing industry, designing bespoke solutions that truly enable our customers to:

  ■ Safeguard their REPUTATION
  ■ Optimise their EFFICIENCY
  ■ Protect their INVESTMENT

Working with 230 customers across 106 countries, CPS provides a range of high-speed cash sorting and authentication systems alongside Enterprise Cash Management software which gives our customers control of cash through its entire lifecycle from production and issue to circulation processing and destruction. For banknote printers, our single note inspection systems enable new notes to be quality assured prior to issue.

With sixty years experience, our specialist knowledge of global cash cycle trends and currency management techniques ensure our customers’ solutions are tailored to meet their specific cash processing objectives. Our on-going support and flexible service packages provide truly future-proofed solutions, enabled through our local presence, global knowledge and a proven ability to deliver bespoke requirements.  

Innovation you can trust

Our range of solutions and service allows;
   ■ Central banks to manage cash through its lifecycle from issue to circulation processing to destruction
   ■ Commercial processors to manage the flow of cash efficiently across the cash cycle
   ■ Banknote printers to guarantee the quality of every banknote before it enters circulation

Designed for you

Working with 230 customers across 106 countries, our understanding of the cash cycle and the responsibilities and key drivers of each player within it, means we can provide a range of solutions and services which focus on meeting our individual customer priorities and requirements.

Cash processing systems

Our market leading cash processing systems offer an unprecedented level of accuracy, security and lifetime performance.


 DLR 7000


  X Range™

 X Range™



Single note inspection – the DLR®9000

Utilising highly perceptive inspection and detection techniques, high speed processing and full track and trace.

 Single note inspection – the DLR®9000

Vault management solutions

Enterprise Cash Management (ECM™) from CPS offers an integrated cash supply chain platform that supports the secure flow of cash within and beyond the cash vault.

Consultancy and expertise

CPS brings together a deep understanding of industry trends, business processes and an acute sensitivity to local needs, to create effective change programs, introduce and implement new policies and effectively manage and minimise risk.

Services and support

Our service agreements are tailored to suit individual customer needs and it is through this flexible approach that we are able to maximise your system availability, ensure system optimisation and identify opportunities for system advancement and value add process improvements.


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Marketing Manager  +44 (0)1256 605000