An Integrated Banknote Solution

This is a cash based world. 85% of all global transactions are still made with cash, making banknotes a fundamental tool for allowing individuals to buy, companies to sell and governments and central banks to manage the flow of money.

De La Rue - Banknote Design

Their value makes them a highly lucrative target for fraud and counterfeit and preventing this requires investment in security features and a robust cash supply chain. To achieve this governments and central banks require notes which are not only beautifully designed pieces, but are also highly technically advanced and protected from counterfeit and fraud.

Other key requirements include:

  • Longevity and durability - long lasting durable notes will increase the quality of banknotes in circulation and help to maximise your investment in the series
  • Highly visible launch - public education and acceptance is critical to early life success of any new banknote series

Our Role

At De La Rue , we design, integrate, manufacture and deliver banknotes, banknote paper, polymer and security features to our customers around the world to ensure their currency is secured against the threat of counterfeit and fraud.

  • We print more banknotes than any other commercial printer in the world
  • We have a world leading design team who have won 14 design awards since 2007
  • We develop customer-focused innovations, launching 8 new security features in the last 5 years
  • We support customers with consultancy including DLR Analytics, public education, circulation trials, banknote training, banknote policy and counterfeit analysis
  • We are recognised as the Global experts in counterfeit detection and play a key role in training the industry through our acclaimed Advanced Banknote Manager Course

We have the skills and expertise to offer end-to-end delivery across the banknote creation process. We offer expertise in the following key areas-