Cash Supply Chain

The Importance of Cash

85% of all global transactions are made with cash. Its existence enables participation in the global economy – for individuals, businesses and nations. To allow this to happen, currency needs to be unquestionably authentic, easily available and cost effectively distributed.

This means governments and central banks require:

  • Surety over the authenticity and lifetime of banknotes
  • Control over the production, circulation, management and destruction of banknotes
  • An in-depth understanding of how cash moves around their economy

Market Definition and Requirements for Cash Supply Chain

Market Definition and Requirements for Cash Supply Chain

Our Solution

Our Solution
  • From world leading design and the integration of innovative high security features, to safeguarding your national reputation; we create banknotes that meet your individual needs and your circulation environment
  • We have the insight and experience to support you in managing every aspect of your wider cash supply chain efficiently and effectively and we work in partnership with you to mitigate operational, financial and reputational risks of change
  • Whether your objective is to increase note life through development of your clean note policy, educate the public upon the introduction of a new series or reduce your cost of ownership, we have the skills and experience to provide the right support at every stage of your project

Why De La Rue is the Right Partner

What you need What we offer How we’ve done it

A bespoke solution

A bespoke solution

The most robust supply chain integration in the world

The best cash supply chain

  • Working with other suppliers to ensure successful component integration into the finished banknotes that we supply
  • 20% of the banknotes we produced last year carried non-De La Rue features
  • Developing real market insight to drive better decision making

A bespoke solution

Peace of mind through secure and cost effective solutions

Peace of mind

Proven experience in securing banknotes and extending note life

Peace of mind

  • Eight new security features launched in the last five years
  • Globally renowned authority on counterfeit – investing in training and public education around the world
  • Safeguard® polymer introductions to date – 14 authorities have launched across 17 denomination in the last three years

Peace of mind

Increase in skill base and drive towards local employment and growth

Increase skill

Proven track record in blending global and local expertise

Proven track record

  • Joint ventures established and running – De La Rue has had a joint venture with the Government and Central Bank of Sri Lanka since 1986
  • Local print capabilities – De La Rue has set up manufacturing sites in Kenya and Malta
  • Local skills and alignment – De La Rue is a key strategic partner for the Government of Malta in its National Identity Management System (NIDMS)

Increase skill

Reassurance you’ve made the right choice

Be reassured

A true partnership and support at every stage of your journey

The best ‘end to end’

  • Proven global experience in manufacture, shipping, logistics and project management
  • Unrivalled global markets insight enabling consultancy on key strategic decisions such as dealing with the challenges of inflation

Reassurance you’ve made the right choice

Efficient management and delivery of the project

Increase your

An internationally recognised operational efficiency programme

Internationally recognised

  • We have increased productivity 10% every year since 2010
  • Bank of England and HM Passport Office (HMPO) are now implementing our Operational Excellence Programme

Increase your

Case Study

Bank of England

Production of a highly secure, internationally recognisable banknote is hugely complex. De La Rue works as the Bank of England’s strategic partner through every stage of the production chain – from design to integration of security components through to the printing of the final high specification notes.

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Cash Supply Chain and the State Manufacturing Sector

Using our global insight and experience, we offer best of breed products and services, consulting and practical support to the state manufacturing sector.

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