Malta in Focus

Malta in Focus

De La Rue in Malta

With more than 40 years of proud history and strong relations with the people of Malta, De La Rue has contributed to the island’s economy and its community since 1975 - and continues to do so with the recent investment in facilities, staff and training exceeding €27m and the announcement of De La Rue Malta as one of the Group’s new Centres of Excellence for identity and security print as well as confirmation of the importance of its currency printing business as core to the site’s production portfolio.

Recognising the strategic and geographical importance of Malta as the perfect location for a highly skilled production facility and as an export hub to the rest of the world, De La Rue first commenced its operations on the island with a purpose built banknote factory. The site was an immediate success and today exports currencies, passports and other high security products and to over 85 countries around the world.

Banknotes, providing social inclusion

12 million
ID Documents, providing social inclusion

Tax stamps can be produced per annum

800 million
Brand protection labels produced per annum

capability for Product Authentication & Traceability: Securing supply chains

€27 million
Added to Malta's GDP in 2016/17

Our Journey: A culture of continuous improvement

Purpose built in 1975 to produce currency, De La Rue Malta has continued to invest in its facilities and its people. Here are some of our more recent highlights

Banknote SuperLine - 2002

The site was selected to be the recipient of a banknote “SuperLine” from the Group’s operations in Singapore, in response to an increase in demand and the strengthening of its position as a gateway to Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

World class ePassports - 2008

The opening of world’s first ever purpose built ePassport production facility on the site and in 2009, all passport production was transferred from De La Rue Kenya to its new state of the art site in Zejtun.

Operational Excellence - 2014

The site commenced its journey to Operational Excellence, based on the principles of Strategic intent, Organisational structure, Lean thinking, Built in Quality and Sharing success.

Strategic Investment - 2016

The site has remained critical to the Group and core to the overall business strategy with on going investment into its manufacturing capabilities and continued training and up-skill of its employees.

2018: Multi Product Centre of Excellence

Most recently, De La Rue Malta has seen substantial enhancement with new state-of-the-art plate making facilities, a new polycarbonate production line to meet the growing needs of the identity sector, a high security logistics centre and achievement of ISO14298 for the management of security printing processes at the highest available Central Bank accreditation level.

Building a Strong Identity

De La Rue partners with and plays a key role in NIDMS, Malta’s National Identity Management System. Working in partnership with local suppliers Exigy, De La Rue delivers a number of key components for Malta’s award winning eGovernment and ID solutions systems; comprised of the national passport and eIdentity schemes.

A “Strategic Partnership Initiatives Scheme” between the Government of Malta and De La Rue has been initiated, providing long term benefits to both parties through education programmes, research and development support and social initiatives.


International Travel ePassports

The Maltese passport solution was first delivered by De La Rue in 1997 and has seen many enhancements and firsts over the last 20 years including physical solution and feature improvements, data capture and document personalisation. Since 2008 and the evolution of the ePassport, De La Rue has also been responsible for chip encoding, enhanced and supplemental access control and PKI infrastructure.

National Identity eID Cards

The eID Card solution delivers multiple functions for the Maltese national: Identification, Verification, Digital signature, Authentication functionality for access to myGov (Malta’s eGov portal) and optional eWallet application. The dual interface card allows contact and contactless connectivity and again, full public key infrastructure and secure encryption of data is supplied.

De La Rue offers a reliable and an exceptionally high quality service. The Government of Malta and De La Rue have long-established an excellent work relation. As a matter of fact, Identity Malta Agency considers De La Rue as being one of its important strategic partners; supplying 4th generation passports, in accordance to international and EU standards, as well as other identification documentation, which include electronic identity cards and residence cards. All in all, I highly recommend De La Rue and can vouch that whilst they always deliver, the company has managed to exceed my expectations on many occasions.”

Anton Sevasta, Chief Executive Officer, Identity Malta

We take huge pride in what we do, with a vision on how to move to a future state where we can deliver the highest levels of Operational Excellence. We work together with enthusiasm and diligence, ensuring we work safely & securely to produce a product of the highest possible quality.

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