Case Studies


Rwanda eID

eGovernment identity solutions play a vital part in helping states to create a better future and more effective service delivery for their citizens. De La Rue is working with the government of Rwanda to create and implement a multi-functional smart eID card, providing Rwandans with a trusted and secure system for proving their identity and getting access to government services.


In a world where 1 in 10 cigarettes are illegal, De La Rue is working with the Government of Sudan to implement a new tax stamp solution - designed to reduce counterfeiting, improve the safety of the country’s citizens and boost its tax revenue. Using the DLR Certify™ software solution, the customs authority will be able to track and trace each pack of cigarettes through a unique code embedded in the new tax stamp to authenticate and validate it as a genuine product.



The Government of Kenya is working toward Vision 2030, a nationwide programme designed to drive a better interconnected society. As a part of this initiative and to protect national borders and citizen identities, the Department of Immigration Services recently unveiled their new ePassport solution and document with polycarbonate bio-data page. Working with De La Rue, Kenya will become the first member of the East African Community (EAC) to launch a fully compliant ePassport, meeting ICAO global specifications.

Sierra Leone

Governments are increasingly embracing digital technology to enhance the protection of citizens’ identities and improve border security. The transition to ePassport for any nation is complex but the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone made this an even more challenging prospect. De La Rue devised innovative solutions which enabled management of key delivery components remotely. By working closely with local suppliers, De La Rue ensured the successful implementation of Sierra Leone’s new ePassport system and solution.


The Seychelles series of banknotes

This series of banknotes depicting the unique wildlife of the Seychelles demonstrates some of the best integration of design and security features seen on a note today. The cylinder-mould watermark and stunning security threads show local insects and animals and the de-metallisation of the holographic foil is in the shape of a turtle. Precision engraving, complex litho workings and iridescent screens of natural scenes build together - a multitude of design disciples working in unison.