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23 - 25 October 2018

Stand 28



    ICAO: Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP)

    De La Rue are attending the Fourteenth Symposium for ICAO Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP).

    Our focus for this year's ICAO Symposium is on increasing security and driving innovation in a rapidly converging world. 


    Our ICAO Newsletter

    ICAO Newsletter 2018 - front page

    Every year De La Rue create a newsletter especially for ICAO's Symposium in Montreal.

    As the world becomes more connected, the need to enhance security and drive innovation becomes all the more central. The boundaries between national and international identity management, welfare services and e-government are being knocked down. As data models align and data security concerns continue to multiply, the need for a secure document remains paramount. 

    That's why in this issues we are turning our attentions to digital identity management and solution design, being a responsible business, the journey to 'e', our new River Book and a heritage of innovation putting a spotlight on polycarbonate data pages, MyImage, and improving our hinge capability

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    ICAO Newsletter 2018 - PolycarbICAO Newsletter 2018 - river book





    The De La Rue River Book

    The De La Rue River Book represents a culmination of knowledge and expertise in identity document design, laying out innovative security features and techniques to combat the increasingly sophisticated threats we face today.
    Based on a theme of rivers – a physical and metaphorical journey – the end result delivers a highly secure, technically integrated and beautifully designed book. 

    What does your passport mean to you?




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