Enabling Protection

De La Rue is deeply committed to sustainably supporting and helping to protect all individuals, communities, businesses and governments to secure a better future.

Through the solutions and services we provide and the way we run our organisation, we ensure the integrity of trade, personal identity and the movement of goods.

Protection Showcase I

Combatting illicit trade

Take, for example, a closer look at illicit trade. Its consequences are far reaching and damaging for society. They include the stunting of socio-economic growth, increased risk to citizens’ health, the fuelling of criminal activity and damage to brand reputations. To combat illicit trade, the authenticity of products need to be guaranteed from source to consumption.

De La Rue has a long established history of combatting illicit trade and tax evasion:

  • We secure $30bn of commercial supply chain goods each year with some of the world’s biggest brands
  • We produce 1.6bn uniquely traceable identifiers each year enabling governments and organisations to trace goods around the world
  • We work with governments to implement Product Authentication and Traceability solutions to reduce the volume of illicit dangerous cigarettes and alcohol available to buy in the country
  • A tax stamp scheme on tobacco in Kosovo recouped $12m in tax and reduced smuggling by 61% in the first year of implementation

Protection case studies

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