Enabling Participation


Financial and social inclusion are two of the biggest challenges we face today.

Now more than ever, it is critical for governments to be able to support their populations with robust and efficient cash cycle logistics and legal identity management systems. These systems enable participation in society and protection from fraud and mistreatment. Accessibility of cash and the provision of secure and trusted legal identities underpin the integrity of society and enable it to function efficiently.

At De La Rue we:

  • Work to ensure banknotes are secure, trusted and available for use in 140 countries around the world
  • Have provided 22m people with components for identity documents this year, enabling secure, safe and orderly migration as well as access to services
  • Provide the largest food agency in the world with secure food vouchers which enable humanitarian rations to be delivered

Participation Showcase

De La Rue operates on multiple levels; globally in terms of the products and solutions it delivers; organisationally in terms of how it performs, its processes and procedures; and also individually from the perspective of its employees, partners and members of its local communities.

Based on the key aspirations from the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018 agenda, the following runs through four categories of a better future and how we are contributing to achieving them.

A More Sustainable future
Reducing vulnerability, improving resilience and fighting poverty and climate change

De La Rue’s Currency and Authentication solutions provide an infrastructure and governance that helps society to function.

We provide strong disaster recovery solutions and facilitate data-based decision making around the globe, driving transparency and accountability in central government to the benefit of its local people.

We are committed to running a sustainable business as a member of the UNGC, with a focus on ethics and clearly stated Group Environment Policy and Objectives in place.

We pride ourselves on innovative ways of working during times of extreme difficulty such as ePassport implementation and roll-out during the Ebola outbreak.

A Fairer Future
Working for good governance, democracy, human rights, labour rights and the rule of law

Our products and services enable financial and social inclusion. Cash is the most inclusive form of payment in the world, facilitating trade and individual transactions. A secure identity solution affords individuals legal protection, access to healthcare, education, services and the freedom to travel and cross borders.

The De La Rue Code of Business Principles sets out our core values and standards and is the foundation of our ethical framework. All employees and business partners are without exception required to follow the Code of Business Principles when representing De La Rue.

De La Rue pursues a working environment where employees, customers and suppliers feel valued and respected as individuals.

As an equal opportunity employer, it is our policy to recruit the best candidate for the role regardless of any other factor.

A More Secure Future
Collaborating to help eradicate terrorism, organised crime, extremism and human trafficking

With more than 200 years’ experience of fighting counterfeit and fraud, De La Rue are experts in delivering complex features and solutions that help protect against crime and corruption.

We are advisors to ICAO and ISO, have links with the NDFU, USSS, and relationships with Interpol, the UN, CICTE, IOM and OSCE; together we stand firm in the fight against criminal activity and the threat of counterfeit and fraud.

The safety and protection of our staff is of paramount importance at De La Rue. We provide training across the organisation to ensure all employees understand and are aware of their responsibilities and the sensitive nature of their employment.

Our safety policies ensure accountability and engagement throughout our business and with our suppliers.

A More Prosperous Future
Supporting economic growth, job creation and prosperity of citizens

De La Rue’s mission is to provide products and services that underpin the integrity of trade, personal identity an the movement of goods.

We deliver solutions to more than 86% of countries within the Commonwealth, working with local in-country partners to create trade and export within and across the community.

De La Rue have state of the art production facilities and Centres of Excellence across the Commonwealth, in Kenya, Malta, Sri Lanka and the UK, investing in equipment, technology, people and training.

We take pride in supporting many varied local charities. This includes the De La Rue Advanced Partnership, focused on building a lasting footprint in country through a programme of sustainability, education, training and enterprise development.

Participation case studies

Delivering a supportive and transparent working environment for our people
Valuing and respecting our people drives De La Rue’s success
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