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    Our invisible high security taggant feature. 

    ENIGMA™ is a 3rd generation covert, machine-readable taggant that is reserved exclusively for central bank use and serves as the last line of defence in the event of a serious counterfeit attack.

    Evaluation by two G7 central banks failed to reverse engineer this feature. A truly covert feature; it is the only banknote feature available for paper banknotes that serves exclusively as a level 3 feature.

    Perfect for:

    • Paper banknotes
    • Defence against sophisticated counterfeiting attempts by organized criminals, terrorists and hostile states
    • Last line of defence to protect the integrity of the currency and stability of the economy

    ENIGMA™ is available as a taggant for secure and discrete incorporation into paper, engineered for unique compatibility with a specific sensor.
    The sensor used to detect ENIGMA™ is “black box” and sorter agnostic for a number of high speed sorters.

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