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    Embedded covert security for polymer

    Covert security features provide the definitive final protection for banknotes.


    They are ideal for central banks facing threats from organised criminals, terrorists and hostile states, acting as the last line of defence to protect the integrity of currency.

    Covert security features can only be detected by banknote issuing authorities using special "black box" sensors that are only available to central banks. This means that criminals have no way of knowing if a banknote denomination has a covert security feature. They also have no way of reverse engineering such a feature and no way of attempting to counterfeit it using trial and error.

    SAFEGUARD® ASSURE™ is the ultimate covert security feature for polymer banknotes. It is embedded into the polymer film so banknotes designed with SAFEGUARD® ASSURE™ can be authenticated no matter how worn or old the banknote.


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