Internal Auditor

Zejtun, Malta

Role Purpose:

To establish, implement, maintain, follow up on identified issues and continually improve an audit programme covering Physical, Product and Transportation Security aspects, processes, policies and procedures to ensure compliance and minimise security risks throughout the value chain affecting the Malta plant operations. The efforts of the Auditor shall contribute to the enhancement of the existing Security Management System therefore is an essential component of the system.

Essential Skills, Qualifications and Experience:

  • Professional, impartial and diligent (soft skills)
  • Observant, inquisitive, eye for detail (soft skills)
  • Calm, analytical, respectful, trustworthy, steadfast and open-minded (soft skills)
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Coordinating, moderating a team of people for problem solving - desirable
  • Auditing experience (technical)
  • Problem solving experience (technical) - desirable
  • Computer literate experience
  • Internal Audit qualification is required
  • CISA would be considered as an asset.


Key Activities:

A strong commitment from the company that;

  • Acquaint oneself with and understand all policies and procedures
  • Acquaint oneself with and understand Corporate (De La Rue Group) Policies, Standards, procedures (including ISO 14298:2013) and other Codes of Practices demanded by the organisation at any time
  • Establish and maintain an internal audit plan highlighting elements to be audited and their frequency on a day-to-day basis
  • Conduct internal audits as per established plan ensuring sound communication with auditees prior to the audit to ensure efficient execution of audit
  • Audit all areas regularly to maintain high security presence, addressing and reporting all anomalies according to internal procedures.
  • Conduct internal audits in a responsible, ethical and professional manner in order to facilitate communication with auditees and obtain information and evidence efficiently
  • Report audit findings in a structured manner and maintain adequate record-keeping of all audit work sheets, checklists and reports
  • Ensure accurate, robust and clear audit procedures are being followed
  • Input Nonconformities, Observations and/or Opportunities for Improvements in a central database in order to facilitate communication with the process owner who is responsible to document a planned corrective action to resolve issues.
  • Follow up on open issues raised during audits with the responsible person
  • Actively participate and assist in all improvement suggestions including conducting investigation to resolve issues.
  • Assist in the monitoring of security processes and advising production staff of the correct security procedures

The above list is not exhaustive. You will be required to undertake other duties within your capabilities, consistent with this role, to support the needs of the business.

To apply:

Email your CV and cover letter to Caroline Zammit at